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Exercise and Training

  • If you're hitting that ab workout hard every day or two, you're no doubt wondering why it's not working! Here are a few reasons why not...

  • Doing exercise for a healthy heart is the best way to stay healthy overall. Your heart is the most important muscle, and here's how to work it out...

  • Pushups are a classic exercise that EVERYONE does, but did you know you're probably doing them wrong? In this post, we correct four classic mistakes...

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Food & Nutrition

  • There are some foods in your fridge that are going to do your body more harm than good. Find out which are the foods to get rid of in this post...

  • Coffee or tea: which is the better option? Both offer awesome health benefits, but you'll find that one may just be healthier than the other...

  • There are lots of foods that are healthy, but even overdoing it on these healthy foods can lead to all kinds of problems...

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Weight Loss

  • Juice cleanses can be helpful for weight loss because they flush out toxins. You can enhance your health by incorporating juice cleanses into your diet.

  • Weight loss may be your goal, but you have to work on a plan that will get you there. Don't expect success overnight. Slow and healthy is the way to go.

  • Losing weight does require some discipline, but the task is not as daunting as might think. You can lose weight without skipping meals if you eat sensibly.

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