10 Diet Hacks for Better Weight Loss

The way you eat can make or break your weight loss! A few simple changes to your diet can lead to serious improvement in not just your weight, but also your body fat. Here are a few simple diet hacks for better weight loss:

Eat More Fat

Fat, particularly plant-based fats, are excellent for weight loss. They signal to your body that you are getting more than enough to eat, so it’s okay to burn fat for energy. Nuts, seeds, red meat, chicken, eggs, fish, avocadoes, coconuts, and olive oil are all excellent weight loss foods! Just remember to eat in moderation—fatty foods are fairly high in calories!

Drink it Unsweetened

Add a spritz of lemon into your water, but leave out the sugar. Don’t add honey into your tea, and try to drink your coffee black. This will help to cut unwanted calories and sugars from your diet. The result: better weight maintenance!

Load Up on Veggies

Serve yourself more veggies at every meal and snack. Have tomatoes and onions for breakfast, salad for lunch, carrot and cucumber sticks for snack, and steamed veggies for dinner. The more veggies you eat, the better! Veggies are packed with appetite-suppressing fiber, and they’ll do wonders to help you avoid overeating or snacking.

Snack Smart

Snacking is actually a good thing if done right. A healthy snack (rich in fat and proteins, low in carbs) can stop you from feeling hungry between meals, and can make it easier for you to reduce caloric intake throughout the day. Resist the urge to snack on junk food, but make every snack count.

Add More Plant-Based Foods

This is especially important for proteins and fats. Plant-based proteins like legumes, soy products, and quinoa will provide all the amino acids needed for muscle-building without adding too many calories to your diet. Plant-based fats like coconut oil, olive oil, and avocadoes will deliver a hefty dose of unsaturated fatty acids that will promote weight loss and improve your heart health.

Don’t Cut Sweets Completely

Instead, find a way to give yourself a healthy sweet treat. For example, make your own fruit compote or parfait to end the breakfast, or have a fruit salad after lunch. Your taste buds will crave the sweetness, and if you don’t give your body what it wants it will end up snacking on unhealthy sweets. Sweets shut down your appetite. Find a healthy way to get those sweet treats.

Go for Dairy

Don’t listen to the people who tell you that dairy is bad. Unless you’re lactose intolerant, dairy is excellent—it’s rich in protein, calcium, and healthy fats. Dairy will suppress your appetite and keep you full for longer. Plus, it’s easy on your digestive system and a fast-acting source of protein.

Increase Protein Intake

Protein is one of the best weight loss nutrients on the planet. It will increase your production of muscle tissue, which will end up burning more calories. It’s also very filling, and will satiate your desire for rich-flavored foods. You don’t have to overdose on protein, but don’t hesitate to eat a bit more protein throughout the day.

Go for Fish

Fish—be it salmon steaks, canned sardines, or a tuna salad—will deliver the Omega-3 fatty acids your body needs to be healthy. It’s also beautifully rich in protein and healthy fats. Try to eat more fish every week!

Add Spice

Spices will make your food more flavorful, and can increase blood sugar control, metabolic rate, calorie burning, and thermogenesis. Make your food spicier and richer, and you’ll be less likely to crave other foods.

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