10 Tips to Lose Weight on Thighs & Butt

Through a combination of losing weight in general and exercising specific muscle groups you can tone all-round, and sculpt certain areas to make them firmer and more defined.  Building muscle in the area helps to lose weight on your thighs and butt in two ways: by improving your body’s ability to exercise and burn fat, and by sculpting the muscles into a good shape that is revealed more as you lose weight.

Losing weight anywhere means losing weight everywhere, and you need to keep this in mind.  You may notice that you put on weight in certain areas faster than others.  That’s just genetics, and if you happen to have most of it around your thighs and butt, that just means you have to work that much more on those areas.

It is possible to make a significant difference in a period of only 6 to 8 weeks though.

  1. Drink water.

    It’s simple, but most people struggle to keep their daily intake of water up at good levels. For the ladies that’s 6 large glasses, or 4 pints, and for guys it’s 8 large glasses or up to 6 pints. Drinking water is the cornerstone of any good diet, and is essential if you want to lose weight on your thighs and butt, and anywhere else. It will improve your metabolism, give you more energy, keep you more alert and improve your skin tone and complexion. Fruit juice, tea and coffee do not count as water.

  2. Watch your carbohydrates.
    You do need some carbohydrates to give you immediate energy, but a reduced carbohydrate diet is a great way to lose weight on your thighs and butt, especially if this is where your body normally stores its fat.  Remember though that if you reduce your carbohydrate intake too much your body will start to think it is starving and will start to reduce its use of fat as fuel, and will start to burn muscle instead.  Carbohydrates should be just under a third of all you consume.
  3. Make them good carbohydrates!

    Eat brown bread (not more than 1 slice per meal), wholegrain cereals and muesli and granola. Look for items which say ‘Low GI’ or ‘Low Glycaemic Index’ – these grains release their energy more slowly over time. This prevents the ‘mid morning slump’, causes you to retain less of the carbohydrate as fat and can even lower your risk of diabetes.

  4. High protein, low fat. This shall be your mantra.

    Remove fat from bacon, steak, chicken, etc. Always remove chicken skin, and avoid fried anything. Eat lean meat like turkey, fish and lean pork every day, but avoid fatty things like sausages and rashers. Make sure you get a bit of protein with every meal.

  5. Eat vegetable proteins.
    These are often low-fat and come in many forms.  Beans and lentils are a good place to start, as they’re easily available and easy to cook. Try making a lean beef and lentil stew with lots of veggies. Serve this over half a cup of brown rice and you have a delicious, high protein and very low-fat meal.
  6. If you have to eat fat, make it good fat.

    Use pure olive oil on your salad with red balsamic vinegar instead of creamy dressing. You’re looking for poly-unsaturated fats, or ‘Omega-3 oils’. These oils are broken down and used by the body for many things, including protein synthesis – an essential part of the muscle building process. Avocados and dark-meat, oily fish like tuna and salmon are very rich in these, but eat sparingly!

  7. Get your heart beating.

    Start some cardio exercises, no matter how unfit you are. If you have at least two working limbs there’s no excuse not to be able to get 20 minutes of strenuous exercise going within a few days. Make sure you’re healthy enough to start exercising, and then start walking briskly or jogging. Buying a bicycle is also a great way to lose weight on your thighs and butt, because you’ll be working a lot of those muscles and it’s very easy to start riding. Look on Craigslist for a cheap used bike.

  8. Pick up the pace.

    Once you’ve got a basic level of cardio fitness going, consider joining an aerobics class or taking up a martial art. These will incorporate fitness and muscle building, and are generally good full-body workouts. You should focus on building core strength at this point – speak to anyone at a gym to give you a few good exercises for this.

  9. Pump some iron.

    There’s never a bad time to start some weightlifting. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can reap great benefits by getting your muscles toned up. Use the resistance machines at a gym (or buy your own home gym at your peril). You’re looking for leg, thigh, calf and butt exercises – anything that uses the lower body. The more muscle you have, the faster you’ll be able to burn fat.

  10. Get Serious.

    If you want to lose fat on your thighs and butt, you’re going to have to be in good shape in general. The only way to do this is to make exercise a part of your life. If not daily, then at least five times a day. Get a trainer at the gym to help put together a training program for you – they can usually set one up in half an hour or less. Learn about your body, and what makes your muscles stronger and your metabolism faster.

Here’s a video of some good thigh and butt exercises to help get you started:

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