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What Is Obesity and Are You Obese?

Obesity is simply a mark on an over-used and under-specific scale, called the Body Mass Index (BMI).  The BMI works by taking your weight in kilograms and dividing it by the square of your height in meters. To calculate your Body … Continue reading

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Metabolic Syndrome: Risks & Symptoms

Many are concerned with a new health condition known as metabolic syndrome. Although, it is not really a “new” as it was actually identified about twenty years ago. The fact is that one out of six people suffer from metabolic … Continue reading

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The 5 Benefits of a Personal Trainer

For many people suffering with weight issues and a general lack of knowhow and motivation, a personal trainer can be a godsend. Here are the top 5 benefits of having a personal trainer: 1. They Help You Get Started Most … Continue reading

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Adenovirus – Viruses Causing Obesity

Any type of illness outside of diabetes or heart disease able to cause obesity in people used to be a laughable idea in the medical community. What’s more: heart disease and diabetes are actually two diseases caused by obesity (not … Continue reading

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Fat Cells and Enzymes: How Your Body Works

There are a lot of myths out there about how your body works. It’s not hard at all to find out the truth. Scientific research has revealed the facts, and these facts are available in a wide location of places. … Continue reading

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Cholesterol Lowering Foods

Cholesterol can be a HUGE problem for many people, especially those of us in the Western world. When you eat a lot of trans and saturated fats–the unhealthy fats found in a lot of our food–you end up with cholesterol … Continue reading

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Can You Visibly Spot the Difference in Trained Areas?

One of the biggest things people look for when dieting, and perhaps even the only thing, is a noticeable result. Unless you can visibly see the difference or you feel that you are not achieving any results when participating in … Continue reading

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Improving Health by Matching Food with Personal Biochemistry

Biochemistry is easy enough to understand. It’s simply the study of all chimerical processes which take place inside of living organisms. This includes plant life, animals, and especially human beings. Dealing with the structure and functions of cellular components like … Continue reading

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The Problem with Refined Carbohydrates

We know that carbohydrates are both healthy and unhealthy, and that a slight change in the structure of a carbohydrate can make it act like an enemy to the body. It is important to know which carbohydrates are good and … Continue reading

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Refined Flour – Good, Bad, and Carby

When watching our weight and attempting to stick with diets, we’re told about a long laundry list of foods to stay away from: processed/refined sugars, butters, oils and other fats, too many carbohydrates, too much protein (believe it or not), … Continue reading

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