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How to Keep Fit During the Holidays

When you’re away from your daily routine, as many of us are during the holidays, it’s easy to let our exercise and running schedules slip a little.  Also, with so much holiday food on the go you’ll be forgiven if … Continue reading

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How Cheap Food Influences Our Weight

If you’re a health-conscious person, the daily menu items might consist of tofu, wheat grass, fresh fruits and veggies, skinless chicken breasts, a nice cut of beef filet, and many other healthy options. Take a look at these items in … Continue reading

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Effects of Food Advertising on Eating Habits

In 1997 spend the american food manufacturers $7 billion in advertising. The focus of most of those ads was on high processed and packaged food. This food group tend to be consumed in large quantities in the United States according … Continue reading

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How to Cut Calories from Your Diet

You probably know that cutting calories from your diet can help you lose weight, but you might not know how to go about it.
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How to Quickly Lose Stomach Fat

In a new, health-conscious age, many people are concerned about the effects of excess belly fat and want to lose it quickly. This has led many people down a dangerous road of drugs and surgical procedures in order to quickly … Continue reading

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How can I Lose Weight in a Week?

“You can’t be too rich or too thin.” The quote made famous by socialite Babe Paley may have its problems, but it speaks volumes about the desire of many to lose a few pounds. While it certainly is possible, and … Continue reading

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Serving Suggestions to Save Calories

The state of the obesity epidemic in America is well-known, and so are its causes. We have an abundance of fatty, cheap food on every corner, and our portions have grown much larger than the rest of the world. A … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Relationship Weight Gain

Ever heard of relationship weight gain? It can happen to the best of us. Learn how to avoid it and stay fit. Continue reading

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How to Quickly Lose Belly Fat

Millions of people around the world are trying to lose belly fat fast, and here is some value information on the subject.
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How to Eat Healthier During the Holidays

When you think about healthy eating during the holidays, your mind may turn to tofurkey instead of turkey, rice cakes instead of biscuits, and wheat grass shots instead of sweet tea. But this isn’t Vegan Day International; you don’t have … Continue reading

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