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Best Diets to Drop 10 Quick Pounds

Not all weight loss objectives involve grandiose, long-term goals. Sometimes you just want to drop a few pounds to make yourself feel a little better about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. The cool thing about wanting to … Continue reading

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8 Surprises in High Calorie Food

Weight loss is a lot more simple than it is sometimes made out to be: burn more calories than you consume. That’s it. If you can do that successfully you will lose weight. It’d be impossible not to actually! So … Continue reading

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Extreme Weight Loss Risks

Extreme weight loss refers to the practice of losing weight too quickly or losing more weight than is considered safe. Unfortunately, the psychology of losing weigh fast is pretty ingrained in our culture with even TV shows and documentaries now … Continue reading

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Speeding Up Metabolism: Facts and Myths

There’s plenty of information out there about speeding up metabolism and not all of it is true. Probably everyone wishes they had a faster metabolism. After all, increasing your metabolism means burning more calories throughout the day even while you … Continue reading

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The Truth Behind Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners and weight loss go hand in hand for millions of dieters. A calorie-free sugar substitute can enhance the taste experience of a low calorie diet to help make staying on track more realistic. Today, artificial sweeteners are found … Continue reading

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7 Biggest Weight Loss Fallacies

Misinformation is in high supply in the weight loss industry. One of our missions here at Weight Loss for All is to distribute helpful and accurate weight loss information while steering clear of all the noise that ultimately causes more … Continue reading

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Worst Things to Do in the Gym

The benefits of going to the gym cannot be understated. For meeting your weight loss goals and feeling healthy about yourself, there is simply no substitution for vigorous daily exercise. Acquiring a gym membership does come with some responsibility. If … Continue reading

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