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4 Forces for Healthy Quick Weight Loss

Healthy and quick weight loss are nearly mutually exclusive propositions: quick weight loss usually isn’t healthy and healthy weight loss usually doesn’t occur quickly. However, under the understanding that healthy quick weight loss is an objective for millions, there is … Continue reading

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Nutrition for Vegan Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding isn’t just about getting huge like the hulk. It’s about being fit, and in shape. Sadly, there is no quick fix if you do it naturally, especially if you are doing it vegan. Nutrition for vegan bodybuilding differs from … Continue reading

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8 Good Foods for Lowering Cholesterol

Do you have reason to be concerned about your cholesterol numbers? Due to the role genetics plays in producing high cholesterol problems, sometimes perfectly healthy-looking people are left in search of good food for lowering cholesterol. Whether you’re looking to … Continue reading

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Vegan Diet for Fast Weight Loss

There is no magic pill to lose weight easy and fast but a vegan diet for fast weight loss has shown amazing results when done correctly! There are a few things however that you have to keep in mind. A … Continue reading

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10 Healthiest Foods You Aren’t Eating

People searching for healthy food to lose weight sometimes need to dig a little deeper to find the unpopular healthy foods. Most of us swim in the kiddie pool of dietary variety. Isn’t time to stop eating the same few … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Bodybuilding

If you want to focus on vegetarian bodybuilding, you may find it challenging to compete with traditional body-building diets. Bodybuilding is often seen in a particular light — gigantic, muscular men downing protein shakes and eating LOTS of meat. To effectively body-build … Continue reading

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Shut Up and Eat Less: Five Ways People Over-Complicate Dieting

Dieting is really simple. It’s a $55 billion dollar industry just in the U.S. alone, but it doesn’t have to be. Everything you need to know about weight loss can be summarized in six words: eat fewer calories than you … Continue reading

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Glycemic Index Chart

Here is a glycemic index chart for common foods. What is the glycemic index? It is a measurement of how food effects blood sugar levels. Foods that break down quickly, like refined carbohydrates, have a high glycemic index (GI) as … Continue reading

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Smoothies for Weight Loss Recipes

When they’re not loaded down with added sugar, flavoring syrups, ice cream, or processed fruit juices, smoothies can be a highly beneficial weight loss aid. Here are some smoothies for weight loss recipes to incorporate as part of your dieting … Continue reading

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9 Foods Healthier Than You Think

We all have our preconceived notions about the healthful value of foods. Deep-fried Oreos are bad for you. Spinach is good for you. But what happens when these preconceived notions are wrong? Sometimes there are surprising high calorie foods and … Continue reading

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