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Gluten Foods to Avoid

In the past several years, the gluten-free diet movement has gained much popularity and media attention; both as a legitimate diet, as well as an alternative for those with certain food allergies, such as celiac disease. On a very basic … Continue reading

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8 Tips to Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain

Thanksgiving week has arrived which means millions of dieters face a huge challenge in their weight loss goals. Avoiding Thanksgiving weight gain is a tricky proposition for dieters and health-conscious alike. Americans consume over 675 million pounds of turkey on … Continue reading

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Society’s Dirty Little Weight Gain Secret

The National Center for Health Statistics this week released some data from a study on alcohol usage of Americans. The results were alarming to put it mildly. According to the NCHS, 16% of all calories consumed in the United States … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Diet Foods

Celiac disease is a serious disease that can leave a person with nutritional deficiency, and can cause some serious health issues in addition to depression and other low moods due to an imbalanced digestive system. There’s nothing worse than not … Continue reading

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Low Glycemic Diet Foods and Benefits

Are you diabetic or at risk of acquiring diabetes? Are you looking for a healthy way to lose weight through which you promote better overall health for heart, eyes, kidneys and other essential organs? A low glycemic diet could be … Continue reading

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Best Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

Most people are aware of the benefits of exercise for weight loss but may find themselves not sure where to begin engaging in a fitness routine. With so many options available, what is the best exercise equipment for weight loss? … Continue reading

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10 High Protein Cheap Foods

If you’re privy to the value of a high protein diet for weight loss, you may be finding yourself in search of high protein cheap foods. Sometimes it can feel as though eating right costs a lot of money when … Continue reading

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