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8 Harmful Myths About Weight Loss

There is no shortage of bad information in the weight loss industry. Many aspiring dieters quickly find themselves in a paralysis by analysis situation due to all the noise in the weight loss world. It’s overwhelming. What are you supposed … Continue reading

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Discussing Weight Loss with Overweight Loved Ones

If someone in your life is struggling with a weight issue, discussing it with them can be one of the most challenging conversations you’ll have. A majority of people ultimately shy away from approaching this tricky social encounter. However, confronting … Continue reading

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The Link Between Self-Esteem and Weight Loss

We all know someone like this (or perhaps you’ve even been this person): they’re shedding the pounds, doing all the right things, their body is looking great. But in the back of everyone’s mind who knows them is this: “they … Continue reading

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Five Common Mistakes in the Gym

Exercise, when done properly, can be a tremendous asset to one’s weight loss goals. That “when done properly” caveat is imperative. Unfortunately, it’s rather common to see people doing things in the gym that won’t aid their weight loss goals … Continue reading

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The Juice-Shake-Meal Diet

Weight loss is about creating a daily system of behavior that supports positive, lasting change. In a world not short on distractions, cultivating and sustaining a weight loss system is not easy. Moreover, it can oftentimes be hard to know … Continue reading

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Five Simple Changes for More Effective Weight Loss

Weight loss does not need to be complicated, daunting or arduous. It actually can be rather simple. The most basic challenge to losing weight is usually little more than focus. Staying connected to your weight loss goals is the real … Continue reading

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Fool Proof New Year Resolution

Every year we try to set a new intention or a new year resolution to better ourselves and to make this year better than the last. Every year we set an intention only to forget about it as the months … Continue reading

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How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

It seems like it happens every year. You resolve to lose weight in the new year. This time, you mean it. Enough is enough. The pounds are going to come off. A gym is going to be joined. It’s time … Continue reading

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