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Lose Weight by Fasting

Being overweight or suffering with obesity usually interferes with quality of life, physical health, and happiness. For this reason, some people attempt to lose weight by fasting, especially when traditional diets have failed. They believe that if they just stop … Continue reading

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Tai Chi for Weight Loss

Are you looking for a relaxing, yet healthy and effective way to lose weight? Tai Chi for weight loss offers many benefits to improve your health. Not only will you lose weight with Tai Chi, but it will improve your … Continue reading

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The Best Exercises to Build Biceps

Your biceps are the “showy” muscles that everyone wants to build, as large biceps make your arms look sleek and well-developed. If you want to build your biceps and get some serious arm strength, here are the 5 best exercises … Continue reading

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Is Your Thyroid Preventing Weight Loss?

If you feel like you’ve been cutting calories and hitting the gym religiously without seeing any major movement on the scale, it might not be that you’re doomed to a life of fat pants and seatbelt extenders. In fact, it … Continue reading

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How to Reach Weight Loss Goals with Exercise and Nutrition

Learn how to reach weight loss goals with exercise and nutrition. Deciding that you want to lose 20 pounds is not enough. You must create a plan that you will be able to follow with diligence. Your weight loss plan … Continue reading

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What Do Vegans Eat?

It can get really confusing for those new to a vegan life style. First thing you should ask yourself is how strict are you trying to be and why do you want to become a vegan in the first place? … Continue reading

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Exercise for Weight Loss

When you’re trying to lose weight, dieting is not enough. Although you can lose weight by simply eating less, you need exercise for physical fitness and overall optimum health. You need to learn how to exercise for weight loss. Exercise … Continue reading

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Healthy Weight-Loss Foods

Although there are many types of diets, there is no question that almost every diet presents a challenge to people struggling to lose weight. It is possible to successfully lose weight by following a number of diets. However, losing weight … Continue reading

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Super Whole Grains for Weight Loss

Carbohydrates are the devil. At least that’s what most fad diets are making the average consumer believe. The truth is that we need carbohydrates for energy, and need them to power up our day. The kind of carbohydrates is what … Continue reading

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Best Core Workout

The Best Core Workout to Strengthen Your Body Working out your core is the way to go if you want to improve your total body strength, not to mention that it will give you killer abs. A good core workout … Continue reading

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