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Do You Know Which Are the Gluten Foods to Avoid?

If you’re gluten-sensitive or intolerant, you’re going to have to hunt for those foods that contain the potentially harmful nutrient. I’m sad to say that a lot of your favorite foods are going to be on the list of things … Continue reading

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Surprising Things to Make You Age Prematurely

We all want to stay young forever, as we want to feel like we’re in the prime of our lives. Unfortunately, Time is a bastard, and every day when we look in the mirror we look a little bit older. … Continue reading

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The Beverly Hills Diet for Weight Loss

The original Beverly Hills Diet, as prescribed by its originator, Judy Mazel is a regimen based on knowing the right combinations of certain foods to eat. The diet asserts that if you follow it meticulously you will lose weight successfully. … Continue reading

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Essential Fall Fitness Tips

If you want to keep fit and lose or maintain your weight, the fall is a great time to start exercising or join a fitness program.  Fall weather is usually conducive to all types of exercise and sporting activities.  n … Continue reading

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Foul Things You Can Find in Your Processed Food

There’s some pretty foul things in the processed food we eat – especially food sold commercially. If you don’t see what’s going into your food, you can be pretty sure there’s gross stuff in there. Understanding what goes into your … Continue reading

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Get Fit With Kickboxing

Getting Fit Just about everyone has getting fit and healthy on their list of yearly resolutions or life goals. The problem for most people is finding an effective workout routine to shed pounds and get fit. Although there are many options, … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Whole Grains for Energy

Whole grains have been a staple food for many cultures. You may be familiar with the obvious grains like rice, a staple food in Asian cultures. Wheat was used mainly by the middle east where they would make pita breads … Continue reading

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Mistakes Not to Be Made by Gluten-Intolerant

Being gluten-intolerant or sensitive to gluten means that your body is basically going to go into conniptions every time you get some gluten in you. It’s important that you’re careful with your food intake, but gluten isn’t just in the … Continue reading

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A Better Way to Lose Weight

If you’re like most people you’ve tried a variety of fad diets that don’t lead to permanent weight loss. What you need is a better way to lose weight and keep it off. So, forget about dieting. Lose weight by … Continue reading

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Prancercise: Dance Meets Exercise

I love crazy, silly, and unique forms of exercise – which is why I actually took the time to learn how to walk on stilts as a youngster. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box, old-fashioned fun way to get in … Continue reading

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