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Food for Weight Loss

If you are like most people, finding the best method to lose weight is like fighting an uphill battle. Fad diets and weight loss pills do not always produce the results they claim and only add to your frustration with … Continue reading

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Mind and Body Fitness

Getting in shape and improving your overall body fitness is a great way to not only look better but to feel better as well. Mind and body fitness go hand in hand. When you become more fit you will gain … Continue reading

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Are You Not Burning Fat? Find Out Why…

The whole point of doing exercise for many people isn’t necessarily to pack on the pounds of muscle, but it’s to lose weight. The key to losing weight is to burn fat, and to increase lean muscle tone. If you’ve … Continue reading

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How to Create an Exercise Habit

Exercising every once in a while is not enough to improve your overall health or to successfully lose weight. In order to experience optimum fitness it is essential to establish a regular exercise habit. Most of us do get some … Continue reading

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Fall Squash & Spices

Gourds and spices; the best part of the fall season. Healthy fall squash and spices help the body to warm up during the winter and gourds are a great way to stay full longer. They’re gluten free, packed with fiber, … Continue reading

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Yoga: What’s My Style?

Yoga has quickly become one of the most popular forms of exercise in this day and age, and more and more people sign up for Yoga lessons every day. The truth is that Yoga really is an excellent form of … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Surgery for Health

You may be like many people who have tried to lose weight through various fad diets. You may have tried to cut out fat and reduce the amount of carbs you consume., You have probably tried the juice fast along … Continue reading

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How to Maintain Weight Loss

Most people find that maintaining their weight loss is just as challenging as it was losing the weight. In fact, the majority of dieters gain back all the weight they lost and then some once their diets have ended. If … Continue reading

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Are Sports Drinks Dangerous For Your Health?

Everyone believes that sports drinks are the best thing to imbibe if you’re in the middle of a very active day, a good run, or a tough workout. After all, they see the barrels of Gatorade and Powerade consumed by … Continue reading

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Reasons to Focus on Fitness

There are many great reasons to focus on fitness, so stop thinking of exercise as all work and no play. Exercise will give you a stronger heart, allow you to eat more without gaining weight, and improve your performance. You’ll … Continue reading

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