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Indoor Winter Workouts

During the winter months when it is too cold to head outside to go for a jog or walk you sometimes have to stay inside to complete your workouts. Buying expensive equipment or signing up for a personal trainer isn’t … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Weight Loss

Most of us have a pretty romanticized idea of what weight loss will be like. We picture ourselves in good shape, feeling better about our bodies, and happy with the results that we have obtained through our hard work. We … Continue reading

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Cardio Myths that Are Holding You Back from Weight Loss

Most of us approach our cardio with a pretty laid back attitude. We run to get our heart rates up, or we cycle because we know that we need to do cardio. But the sad truth is that there are … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Body Temperature Up

To quote Ned Stark from The Song of Ice and Fire: Winter is coming. Winter is just around the corner, meaning those chilly days are just about to set in. No matter where you live, the weather is going to … Continue reading

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Aqua Fitness for Health and Weight Loss

You know that you need to exercise. It makes you feel better. But life gets in the way. The cell phone rings and another family crises need you to solve it. As the stress level rises your body screams out … Continue reading

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How to Sleep Away the Pounds

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to sleep away the pounds you’re trying to lose? All you’ll have to do is curl up in bed for a few extra hours a day, and when you wake up you’ll be … Continue reading

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Why Not Run Backwards for Weight Loss?

Running is one of the most popular ways for people to get their cardio – an important part of weight loss. You’ll often see men and women running down the street or around the park, headphones in ears and huffing … Continue reading

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Chemicals in Food Make You Fat

If you have been dieting and exercising for years and still can’t lose weight, it could be the chemicals in food. It is a known fact that chemicals in food can increase appetite and make people gain weight. Take a … Continue reading

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5 Ways to a Guilt-Free Holiday

Stick to an exercise schedule: The holidays are going to happen whether you like it or not. Stores will be closed; leaving you no choice but to have extra time on your hands. You could either take the extra time … Continue reading

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Dietary Changes for Weight Loss

Countless Americans are struggling to effectively shed those unwanted pounds. While dietary changes are important, you also need regular exercise and plenty of rest to meet your fitness goals. As an obese nation, the emphasis on losing weight is greater … Continue reading

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