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Stretching Exercises for Flexibility

When establishing your new fitness plan don’t forget to include stretching exercises as an essential component of your routines. Many people overlook the importance of stretching. Stretching will help keep your muscles strong and flexible making you less likely to … Continue reading

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A Workout Playlist to Make it Easy to Move

Who doesn’t love a bit of music when trying to work out or get in shape? Music has an interesting effect on your body. It gets you to move, and really good music can take your mind off of the … Continue reading

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Stay on Track to Lose Weight

We’ve all no doubt made our New Year’s Resolutions to get in shape and get fit, as well as to watch what we eat. It’s around this time of the year that many people start to slack and fall back … Continue reading

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The Hard Truth About Weight Loss Supplements

Isn’t it sad to see how many people are more interested in taking the lazy way out when it comes to weight loss. They spend hundreds of dollars on weight loss supplements and herbal diet pills, when all they need … Continue reading

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The Vegan Diet for Weight Loss

The vegan diet for Healthy weight loss is something that takes effort. Many people have found success by going on a vegan diet until reaching their weight loss goals. Others have made vegan diets a permanent lifestyle change. The vegan … Continue reading

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Exercise the Pain Away

Whether you woke up sore from an intense workout the previous day or you’ve been suffering from arthritis for years, joint pain is a pretty constant part of life for many people. There are many things that can cause joint … Continue reading

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Are Your Sore Muscles Giving You Trouble? Here’s What to Do…

Sore muscles are kind of a way of life when you do lots of exercise. No matter how much you stretch, warm up, and cool down, you’re going to feel a bit achy the day after lifting heavy weights, running … Continue reading

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Eat Organic Food for Weight Loss and Health

Regardless of what you may have heard on the news, organic food is actually healthier for your body and more beneficial in supporting weight loss. Organic food is also found to be nutrient dense, which means you get more nutrients … Continue reading

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Natural Ways to Control Your Cholesterol

One of the main health concerns that arise among people of all ages, ethnic groups, economic status and gender is the danger of high cholesterol. While many people turn to drugs and surgery to help keep their cholesterol in check … Continue reading

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Take Your Workouts To the Next Level

Don’t you hate it when you reach a plateau in your workouts? You’ve been working hard for a few months, and you’re finding that your workouts no longer push your muscles as hard as they once did. You’re still tired … Continue reading

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