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10 Things to Burn More Calories Today

Who doesn’t want to burn more calories? It’s the only way to lose more weight, and you’ll find that increasing your calorie burn is the way to shed those last few pounds of fat. Here are 10 simple things you … Continue reading

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How Sugar Stops You From Being Productive

Sugar is present in far too many things these days. From baked goodies to coffee to sodas to vending machine snacks, nearly everything you can buy at work is going to be loaded with sugar. These sugary foods aren’t just … Continue reading

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Diet Foods You ALWAYS Need to Have Handy

When it comes to losing weight, your biggest challenge is definitely going to be eating properly. You can do exercise fairly easily, but it’s so much harder to say “No!” to temptation when you feel the need to eat something … Continue reading

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Diet Rules You SHOULD Break

We all have rules that help us stay faithful to our diet. Some rules go along the lines of “Don’t eat after a certain time of night”, while others are more like “Don’t eat those foods”. But why are we … Continue reading

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Cardio Before or After Strength Training?

Most people work out without really understanding the way their bodies work, so they spend years working hard just to see the kind of progress they could see in months if they were to do it the right way. One … Continue reading

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Foods That Hinder Weight Loss

When dieting, there are certain foods you probably consume, simply assuming that it is actually better for you. Whether it is the marketing behind the food, what the alternative is and what you are use to eating, there are some … Continue reading

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Foods to Help Pack on Muscle Mass

Who doesn’t want to have larger muscles and pack on muscle mass? It’s the reason we go to the gym, and it’s the reason that we spend all that time lifting weights. The good news: there are a few foods … Continue reading

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8 Easy Exercises for Weight Loss and Fitness

Exercise doesn’tĀ have to be hard, In fact, easy exercise is more sustainableĀ over a long period of time than rigorous exercises. Many people get intimidated and fall under the false assumption that they need to be in the gym non-stop doing … Continue reading

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Overcoming Barriers to Exercise

You finally decided to take control of your body and get back to the way you used to look and feel. You enthusiastically decided to begin a rigorous exercise program and even though you had the best of intentions to … Continue reading

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Crush Cravings with Cardio

Food cravings are some of the hardest things to deal with. We’ve all had them, some of us more often than others! You get that urge to eat something delicious, and it takes every ounce of willpower to keep your … Continue reading

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