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The Worst Foods to Feed Your Body

We all know that there are BAD foods to feed your body, but do you know which the WORST foods are? Here is a list of the foods that are 100% guaranteed to cause all kinds of health problems: 1.     … Continue reading

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Ways to Make Your Diet More Effective

Diets are tough–there’s no two ways about it. The average person has a hard time sticking with their diet, no matter how committed they are to it at the beginning. If you want to make your diet more effective, here … Continue reading

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Rules to Get Ripped

Want to look absolutely amazing? It’s tough to get ripped, but following the rules below can help you reach that stage of “ripped-ness” that you’re aiming for. Rule #1: Know Thy Carbs Carbs aren’t the enemy, but they are a … Continue reading

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Foods that You Can Eat Without Worry

It’s tough to know what foods you should and shouldn’t be eating while on your diet. There are a lot of foods that you should be cutting out, but what can you do when you’re just SO HUNGRY?! You need … Continue reading

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How to Do Aerobic Exercises Correctly

Aerobic exercise is the best way to get your heart pumping and fat burning. With aerobic exercise, blood can still flow to your muscles and provide them with oxygen. It involves low intensity, steady state workouts, and they tend to … Continue reading

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Weight Changes With Age

As you get older, your body goes through a lot of different changes. It is quite common for metabolism to slow down. You may find that you have less energy, and it becomes easier to put on weight. In order … Continue reading

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Seven Great Foods for Weight Loss

There are many types of foods you can eat in order to lose weight. One of the most successful ways to lose weight and keep it off is by eating a balanced diet filled with delicious and satisfying foods that support … Continue reading

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Stop All That Excessive Sweating!

It’s amazing how much you can sweat even as you’re doing nothing more than sitting and working. Exercise can cause you to sweat buckets, and you’ll find that you sweat far more than the average man or woman should. Worried … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Surgery Pros and Cons

While weight loss surgery isn’t right for everyone, it can offer a new lease on life for some individuals. Understanding the pros and cons can help you to make up your mind about pursuing it. Of course you will need … Continue reading

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What is an Alkaline pH?

For years, I heard people talking about “balancing out their pH” or “getting an alkaline body”. I never understood what they were saying, as all I knew about pH balances was that it was necessary for a clean pool. My … Continue reading

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