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Simple Mistakes that Ruin Your Pushups

Pushups are one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do. Not only do they shred your chest muscles, but they hit your shoulders, back, and triceps as well. There are so many variations on the pushup that you can … Continue reading

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Coffee or Tea: Which is Healthier?

Who doesn’t love starting the morning with a nice cup of something warm? Coffee is what you drink when you need that kick to get you started, while tea lovers enjoy nothing quote so much as a tasty cup of … Continue reading

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Benefits of Aerobics Exercise

Aerobic exercise is sustained physical activity that uses large muscle groups at a regular, even pace and induces the release of energy in the body through the increased consumption of oxygen in the body’s metabolic process. It thus requires the … Continue reading

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Juice Cleanse for Weight Loss

Lately, juice cleanses seem to be all the rage for people with weight loss or health maintenance goals. The recent interest has spawned a plethora of inaccurate and uninformed tips and tricks, so it’s important to be mindful during your … Continue reading

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The Truth About Hydrating

Most people think that hydrating is about drinking a lot of water while working out, but is that really true? You may be surprised to find that hydrating isn’t what you think it is, so read on to find out … Continue reading

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Morning Workouts – Do they Burn Calories from the Day Before?

It’s funny how people think that the human body is restricted to the “calories per day” model that we have created. We know that the average human body burns between 1800 and 2200 calories per day, but that doesn’t necessarily … Continue reading

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Losing Weight Without Dieting

Now that the warm weather has arrived, a lot of people are becoming a little more concern about losing weight. After all, they’ll be hitting the beaches soon and all of them will want to sport that new bathing suit, … Continue reading

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The Truth about Fats

There are a lot of misconceptions that people have about the fat they eat. Fat has gotten a pretty bad reputation, when in fact it’s one of the three most important nutrients for your body. Without fat, your body would … Continue reading

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Benefits of Morning Exercise

Getting up early in the morning to maintain an exercise routine might be the farthest thing from your mind. However, it is one of the best ways to start each day. Spending as little as 10 minutes doing stretches or … Continue reading

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How Water Retention Causes Weight Gain

When you stand on the scale, have you ever noticed how your weight tends to fluctuate a lot depending on the time of day? That isn’t just because of the amount of food you eat, but it also has to … Continue reading

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