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How to Burn Fat Without Lifting Weights

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to burn fat and lose weight without ever having to go to the gym? People are always on the lookout for “magic” weight loss pills and supplements that will help them to burn … Continue reading

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4 Whole Grains You Need More Of

Whole grains truly are some of the most amazing foods on the planet. Not only are they loaded with fiber and the carbs your body uses for energy, but they contain a whole lot of minerals and vitamins that are … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Creatine Supplements

Creatine supplements are HUGELY popular in the bodybuilding and fitness world, particularly the creatine that comes in the form of protein powder. There is a lot of common myths and misconceptions about creatine, so in this article we’re going to … Continue reading

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How Your Hobby Can Lengthen Your Life

We all have a hobby we enjoy, perhaps even one that we’re passionate about. Whether you like tinkering around with cars, putting together model airplanes and cars, writing fiction, gardening, or playing a sport, hobbies can make your life a … Continue reading

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Sneaky Ways Restaurants Make You Fat

You can’t really blame restaurants for making you fat, can you? Interestingly enough, there are tricks restaurants use to help you consume the higher-calorie foods–particularly the expensive ones! Here are some sneaky ways your favorite eatery is contributing to your … Continue reading

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5 Things You Should Do Daily

Exercise Move your body daily! It is what it means to be alive! Take a walk. Use your pets as an excuse to get outside. Cats can be put on a leash as well. They enjoy being outside as much … Continue reading

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