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Awesome Pushup Alternatives to Try

Getting bored of doing the same push-ups over and over again? Don’t let yourself plateau because you’re only doing the classic pushups, but give these pushup alternatives a try: Single Leg Pushups This pushup alternative gets your core involved, making … Continue reading

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The Man’s Guide to the Farmer’s Market

When you hit up the farmer’s market with your gal, do you see it as a chore or a fun activity to do together? Most guys tend to view it as something boring that they have to do to keep … Continue reading

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How to Sleep Better Every Night

Did you know that sleep plays a huge role in weight loss? When you get enough sleep, your mind is sharp, your body is ready for an active day, and you have an easier time resisting food cravings and temptations. … Continue reading

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6 Healthier Alternatives to Burgers

There are few meals quite as tasty as a good hamburger! The combination of bread, meat, cheese, condiments, and toppings makes for one heck of a filling, delicious lunch or dinner. Sadly, burgers aren’t a very healthy choice. They’re loaded … Continue reading

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Is Your Mind Making You Fat?

The mind is a funny thing, one that science still doesn’t fully understand. The complex network of electrical signals and relays can do some pretty crazy things, such as making you hungry when you’re actually tired or thirsty, or compel … Continue reading

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Bad Foods that Might Actually be Good for You

There are a lot of “bad foods”–foods that will do your body harm. Think high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, trans fats, and MSG, and you’ve got the picture. And then there are foods that most of us think are bad, … Continue reading

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Best Exercises to Build Functional Strength

Functional strength is the kind of strength you use on a daily basis. When you lift your kids, take out the trash, pile boxes in the garage, or run an obstacle course, all of that is functional strength. While it’s … Continue reading

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Dress Well to Minimize Fat Thighs

For guys, large thighs may be a sign of masculinity and amazing leg strength, but for many women, large thighs are just one more thing to get rid of! Dealing with that extra thigh fat is a challenge that can … Continue reading

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Eating at the Right Time of Day

Yes, there is such a thing at eating at the right time of day! The human body is designed to process nutrients efficiently, but your daily activities affect the rate at which those nutrients are processed. If you want to … Continue reading

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CrossFit 101

You can’t get away from CrossFit! When you walk down the street, turn on the TV, surf the internet, or chat with your buddies around the watercooler, the subject of CrossFit is all but guaranteed to come up. There’s always … Continue reading

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