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How to Keep Up With Weight Loss

Many people struggle with their weight loss efforts. The truth is that it can be quite hard to diet and exercise every day, especially if you’re a busy professional who works more than 8 hours a day. If you’re having … Continue reading

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Simple Steps for A Longer Life

Who doesn’t want to live longer? Imagine all that you could do with a few extra years of life–all the people you could meet, the things you could accomplish, the places you could travel! But work, life, and responsibilities can … Continue reading

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What You Are Doing to Injure Yourself

Do you know what you are doing to injure yourself? Injuries rarely just “happen”–they’re usually caused by actions or inactions on your part. Here are a few of the things that you’re doing (or not doing) that are increasing your … Continue reading

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10 Terrible Fad Diets

There have been a lot of stupid, terrible fad diets that became popular over the years, but thankfully most of them have come and gone. Here are a few of the worst fad diets still around today: Cabbage Soup Diet … Continue reading

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