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Swimming is a Great Aerobic Exercise

When it comes to a full-body cardio workout, NOTHING can beat swimming! Jogging, running, walking, and cycling are all excellent for your lower body, and elliptical training can even work your upper body and core. Rowing is the only other … Continue reading

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The Best Rapid-Fire Chest Workout

The chest is one of the most visible parts of the body. It’s right below the face (the first place most people look), meaning it is the second most important body part in terms of appearance. If you want to … Continue reading

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Brown Fat + Heat = Weight Loss?

Weight loss is never an easy feat. Most people struggle for years to shed those extra pounds, trying all sorts of crazy diets and exercise programs in a vain attempt to lose weight. But what if there was an easier … Continue reading

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5 Healthy Habits to Get More Protein

Protein is the most important nutrient to have a healthy body. It not only provides fuel for your muscles, but it contributes to a fast metabolism and brain function. Getting more protein is the key to weight loss, as it … Continue reading

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How Running Can Give You Healthy Bones

Your bones play a vital role in your overall health. Most of us take our bones for granted. After all, they’re tough and strong, capable of withstanding a surprising amount of damage. Unless you have suffered a broken or fractured … Continue reading

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Low Carb Diets – New Weight Loss Approach

With the popularity of the Atkin‚Äôs diet, low-carb diets have been a favorite of dieters for the past few years. There are many variations when it comes to low carb diets and finding the best version you can be challenge. … Continue reading

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List of Nutrient Dense Foods

It’s tough to know what to eat sometimes, isn’t it? You want to avoid foods that are high in calories, but you still need to eat healthy fats, protein, and complex carbs. It’s often easier to know what to avoid … Continue reading

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Benefits of Exercising with a Group

How do you like to work out? Are you the kind of person who goes to the gym to get in, hit it hard, and get out, or do you enjoy socializing with your friends and fellow gymgoers? For the … Continue reading

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Can Exercise Trump a Bad Diet?

Many people push themselves hard at the gym and work out until they drop, only to come home and wolf down donuts, cake, cookies, and chips. Does that sound like a smart plan to you? Can any amount of exercise … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Lifting Lighter Loads

It’s a well-known fact: to see serious gains in strength, you have to lift heavy! Many trainers will recommend lifting VERY heavy loads–up to 90% of your 1-Rep Max weight–as the best way to improve your muscular power. But is … Continue reading

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