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Post-Workout Protein 101

Everyone knows that protein plays a vital role in muscle-building, so it’s easy to understand why you need to eat protein AFTER your workout. By having a post-workout meal, snack, or shake with plenty of protein, you deliver the amino … Continue reading

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Why Does Your Head Hurt? Types of Headaches Explained…

Headaches are a common occurrence, and they affect literally everyone in the world at some point in their lives. They can be caused by a lot of different problems, and each type of headache has its own origin. Understanding the … Continue reading

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8 Drinks You’d Better Avoid

If your goal is to lose weight, alcoholic drinks could be your worst enemy! It’s very difficult to stop yourself with just one drink, and alcohol makes it easier for you to let down your guard and say, “A little … Continue reading

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Foods Rich in Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) is one the B vitamins family, which is responsible for converting food (carbohydrates) into energy (glucose) for our body to use. It is important for healthy skin, eyes and hair. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is one of the … Continue reading

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Tips for Increasing Energy Expenditure

If your goal is to lose weight, just spending an hour at the gym every day of the week is NOT going to be enough. It’s going to take a lot more activity throughout the day/week to burn serious calories. … Continue reading

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7 Awesome Low Calorie Snacks to Keep You Happy

How do you handle hunger pangs in the middle of the day? Are you the sort of person who can grin and bear it, or do you tend to snack off to the break room to grab a donut or … Continue reading

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How Diabetes Can Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease

Diabetes is one of the most common health problems in our country, and it has farther-reaching consequences than you might ever realize. The negative effects of diabetes aren’t just limited to your blood sugar levels, but it can extend to … Continue reading

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How You Can Help Your Partner Sleep Better

What’s stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep? If you’re going to bed at a reasonable hour, perhaps the fault isn’t in YOUR sleep habits, but in those of your partner. If your partner moves around a lot, kicks … Continue reading

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How to Start Your Day the Weight Loss Way

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just jump out of bed and kick your weight loss into high gear right away? Well, the truth is that you can! A few simple changes to your morning habits, and you’ll get … Continue reading

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7 Reasons You Get Heartburn

Heartburn can be a very painful, irritating condition! It can stop you from sleeping and make you very uncomfortable, but did you know it’s surprisingly easy to deal with? A few simple changes to your eating habits and lifestyle can … Continue reading

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