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Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet is one of our favorite options for weight loss—more specifically, FAT burning. The reason for this is that it’s a low-carb diet. It is rich in proteins and fats, but it limits the amount of carbs. Why … Continue reading

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Superfoods that AREN’T as Healthy as You Think

For the past few years, superfoods have been all the rage. Health experts have gone on and on about how these superfoods can improve your health, fight disease, promote weight loss, and the list goes on. But are superfoods really … Continue reading

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7 Signs Your Stress is Killing You

The human body is designed to react quickly and visibly in times of significant stress. Our heart rate rises, our body temperature increases, our blood pumps more quickly, and our brains work faster. But our bodies aren’t designed to sustain … Continue reading

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How to Have a Healthier Heart

Your heart is probably the second most important organ in your body, after your brain. It’s the organ that keeps the blood pumping, sending nutrients and oxygen to every cell in your body. And yet, cardiac disorders are the #1 … Continue reading

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How to Wake Up Easier

It’s not easy to wake up in the morning! Your body is designed to sleep with the sunset and wake up with the sunrise, but electric lights have totally thrown off our sleep schedules. Now, many people stay up into … Continue reading

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Get Your Workout Motivation Right!

Finding your motivation for working out is VITAL if you want to succeed! It takes a lot of willpower to get up early every morning or put in the last hour or two of your day at the gym. It’s … Continue reading

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Vitamin E Rich Foods

Did you know that the word “vitamin” means “vital amine”? Essentially, all vitamins are VITAL to human health! Vitamin E is one of the three most important vitamins. While Vitamin C keeps your immune system running and Vitamin A improves … Continue reading

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Great Sources of Simple Carbohydrate Foods

Unrefined, natural simple carbohydrates are man’s best friend when it comes to digestion, nutrients, and taste. They’re easy to eat, taste delicious, and your digestive system can break them down quickly. For a quick source of energy, nothing beats simple … Continue reading

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What’s YOUR Motivation to Work Out?

What keeps you going to the gym even on those days when you want to kick back and relax? What helps you to push through your pain and keep running, jogging, cycling, or lifting when all you want to do … Continue reading

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Why You Need to Stand at Work

We’ve all heard that expression “Sitting is the new smoking”, but do you know what that really means? In essence, it translates into “sitting is going to kill you!” The human body wasn’t designed to spend so many hours on … Continue reading

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