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8 Healthy Snacks to Keep You Slim

Snacking, if done right, can be the key to weight loss. Snacking stops you from feeling hungry throughout the day, and it keeps your body burning calories all day long. However, you have to eat the RIGHT snacks. Basically, that … Continue reading

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How to Stay Fit Through the Holidays

Holidays are one of the hardest time of year for people trying to lose weight. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are two VERY heavy meals, but don’t forget about all the Christmas cookies, candies, and snacks you have during the holiday … Continue reading

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Dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting

If you’re among the millions of people who struggle with weight loss, no doubt you’re sick and tired of trying different diets. You’ve given each diet a chance but seen very little results for your efforts. Your weight has gone … Continue reading

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Use of Ephedrine for Your Weight Loss

For centuries, the Chinese and Native Americans have used ephedra for a wide range of medicinal purposes. Ephedra acts as a stimulant, increases thermogenesis (higher internal body temperature), raises blood pressure, and expands the bronchial tubes to promote better oxygen … Continue reading

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6 Great Exercises for a Toned Butt

It’s never a bad time of year to have a beautiful butt! So many people focus on the “summer bikini body”, but you should do exercises that give you that body all year around. That includes paying plenty of attention … Continue reading

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Great Ways to Burn Calories Without the Gym

Who says you have to spend all your time in a gym to get fit? There are so many fit people who never see the inside of a gym, so how did they do it? Simple: it’s all about finding … Continue reading

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Healthy Low Carb Side Dishes

Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are the two largest meals of the year. Those are the two days when all dietary desires head straight out the window, and we tend to give in to our cravings and food preferences. But it’s … Continue reading

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Make the Perfect Bowl of High Protein Oatmeal

Oats are one of the healthiest starches on the planet. They’re high in fiber, packed with nutrients, and fairly low-carb compared to noodles, rice, potatoes, and other grains. Making a bowl of oats with the right ingredients can turn this … Continue reading

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Recipes low in fat for your low calorie needs

If your goal is to cut back on calories, cutting fat is definitely a smart way to go. High-fat foods contain a lot more calories than you’d think, due to the fact that fats contain more than twice the calories … Continue reading

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CrossFit vs Weightlifting: Which is Better?

CrossFit has become the “darling” of the resistance training world, but there are many people who still see regular weightlifting as being the best way to build strength and power. Talk to a CrossFitter, and they’ll expound on all the … Continue reading

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