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How to Start the Morning Right

It can be tough to get up in the morning! Between the stresses of work, the pressures of family life, a lack of sleep, and intense daily workouts, you may have no energy to crawl out of bed when your … Continue reading

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The Worst Post-Workout Nutrition

Eating after a workout is a very important way to both replenish lost nutrients and encourage better muscle-building. Your metabolism is fired up after your workout, so it will burn through calories at an amazing rate. It will also send … Continue reading

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How to Increase Your Confidence at the Gym

Whether you’re the newest member of a gym or going to the gym for the first time, it can be daunting walking into a new place where you will be surrounded by men and women bigger, stronger, and fitter than … Continue reading

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How to Speed Up Post-Workout Recovery

It’s wonderful to walk away from a workout knowing you did a good job, and a bit of soreness in your muscles is usually a good indicator of success. However, too much soreness can prevent you from working out the … Continue reading

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7 Easy Ways to Cut Back on Sugar

Saying it’s “easy to cut back on sugar” is like saying it’s “easy to fly”. Sugar has pervaded everything we eat: from our morning coffee to our midday snack to our lunches to our pre-workout supplements to our late night … Continue reading

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High Protein Vegetarian Meals to Enjoy

Vegetarianism may not be the lifestyle for everyone, but it’s certainly a good diet habit to try. In fact, even heavy meat-eaters should try to go fully vegetarian for a day or two each week. By loading up on veggies … Continue reading

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Should You Follow Cookbooks?

Cookbooks are a very helpful resource to have in the kitchen. There’s something wonderful about being able to crack open a book and find hundreds of recipes on all sorts of delicious foods. You can find creative new ideas or … Continue reading

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7 Best Leg Workouts

Your lower body is the most important part of your body to train. Not only does it carry your upper body around, but the link between lower body and core is the part most susceptible to injuries. Your hamstrings, glutes, … Continue reading

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