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Best Summer Foods to Enjoy

Summer is a time when we enjoy fun in the sun, and some of the most delicious foods we find all year round. Between the summer festivals and the vacations, we can end up eating a lot of less-than-healthy food … Continue reading

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7 Supplements You Actually Need

Supplements come in many forms, shapes, and sizes, providing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, protein, and a whole range of other nutrients. However, the truth is that many of them don’t actually benefit your body because your body is unable to … Continue reading

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How to Get More Protein Without Protein Powder

When you think of adding more protein into your day, protein powder is usually the go-to. It provides you with a high dose of amino acids in an easy-to-take form (a smoothie or shake). However, it’s not the best solution … Continue reading

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Workouts AREN’T The Most Important Part of Weight Loss

This is a pretty highly controversial statement! Most people believe that your daily workout is what delivers the weight loss results you want, but could there be another more effective way to lose weight? According to one fitness trainer, the … Continue reading

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Moderation May Not Promote Weight Loss

Let’s be very clear on one thing: if you can cut back on your calorie intake and balance your macros (fats, carbs, and protein), you have a very good chance of losing weight. Weight loss is made possible through a … Continue reading

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Low Fat or Low Carb Diet: Which is Better?

The discovery that CARBS were actually what led to fat and weight gain instead of dietary fats totally rocked the world of nutrition and dieting. The low-fat diets that were so popular for decades have gone out of style, and … Continue reading

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Is Your “Normal Blood Pressure” Too High?

The American Heart Association has established guidelines for “normal blood pressure”, guidelines that we should try to follow in order to have a healthy heart. But, according to a new study, “normal” may not be good enough to stave off … Continue reading

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