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The 6 Resistance Training Exercises You Should Avoid

Hundreds of studies have proven that resistance training is the most effective for weight loss, fat burning, and improving your overall fitness. However, not ALL resistance training exercises are good for you—in fact, there are some that are a downright … Continue reading

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How to Speed Up Post-Workout Recovery

Recovering from an intense workout quickly will help you get your body ready for ANOTHER intense workout the next day. Following proper post-workout recovery practices will ensure that your body gets the nutrients required to repair muscles, joints, bones, and … Continue reading

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5 Nutrient Rich Foods for Vegetarians

Going vegetarian is a good way to “eat green” and clean up your diet. After all, with a concentrated intake of raw, natural foods, you’ll provide your body with the nutrients required to counteract the negative effects of processed, artificial, … Continue reading

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7 Superfoods that Make Amazing Desserts

Looking for a treat for your movie night or on those days when you’re feeling hungry? Instead of turning to candy, chocolate, chips, pretzels, and other junk food, why not go for HEALTHY snacks and desserts? Below, you’ll find a … Continue reading

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How to Have a Healthier Body in 9 Easy Steps

Want to have a healthier body? It doesn’t have to be an endless struggle to get in shape and improve your health—it just takes a few simple steps in the right direction! Here are a few things you can do … Continue reading

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Why You Need a Stronger Core

So many training programs focus on strengthening your core, but have you ever wondered WHY? No, it’s not just because you want a six-pack to look cool. The truth is that having a stronger core benefits your body in a … Continue reading

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7 Simple Diet Changes that Will Change Your Life

Did you know that a total diet overhaul can actually work AGAINST you? Such drastic changes to your eating habits can cause your body to crave the foods you once ate, making you more prone to cheating on your diet. … Continue reading

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5 Amazing Fat Burning Teas

Did you know that a few cups of tea per day can have a HUGE effect on your body’s ability to burn fat? Some of the teas will boost your metabolism, while others will specifically target your body fat. Some … Continue reading

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