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8 Simple Tricks to Torch Serious Calories

Struggling to lose weight and burn fat? It’s a tough thing to do, as your body is made to store fat, not eliminate it! But we’ve got a few simple tricks that will help you torch serious calories with nothing … Continue reading

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Why Free Weights are Your New Best Friend at the Gym

How do you spend your time at the gym? Do you use it mostly on the cardio machines and weight machines? If so, you might be wasting time! Don’t get me wrong, cardio is critical, and weight machines can help … Continue reading

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7 Easy and Healthy Snacks to Pack Today

Packing a snack doesn’t have to mean throwing a pack of cookies or a bag of chips in your work bag. Contrary to popular opinion, snacking can be both healthy and delicious! It’s all about what you pack to snack … Continue reading

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Practical Diet Advice from the Experts

Dieticians and nutritionists have A LOT to say about what it means to follow a healthy, balanced diet! In fact, you’ll find all sorts of articles and blog posts from the experts giving you practical diet advice. One Health post … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About the New Red Meat Guidelines

For years, the official policy has been to reduce red meat intake, due to increased health problems resulting from very high consumption of red meat—particularly processed red meat. However, according to a new report in the Annals of Internal Medicine, … Continue reading

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9 Healthy Plant Protein Sources to Add to Your Diet Today

Want to get more protein in your diet but don’t want to overdose on the meat? Animal proteins contain critical nutrients, but sometimes it’s better to get more plant-based proteins to ensure you’re getting enough fiber in your diet. Here … Continue reading

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How to Get More Protein in Your Diet

Adding more protein to your diet can improve your health on so many levels! Not only will it speed up your metabolism, but it will provide you with muscle-building fuel and keep you energized through your workouts. If your goal … Continue reading

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5 Simple Ways to Cut Back on Sugar

Unless you’re actively making an effort to eliminate all sugar from your diet, it’s very likely that you’re eating too much sugar! The modern Western diet includes far more sugar than is good for our health, thanks to highly processed … Continue reading

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How the Calories In Calories Out Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

The Calories In Calories Out Diet—also known as the CICO Diet—has been growing in popularity in recent months, particularly on websites like Reddit where people are searching for new and better ways to lose weight. The concept is the diet … Continue reading

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