5 Things You Should Do Daily


Move your body daily! It is what it means to be alive! Take a walk. Use your pets as an excuse to get outside. Cats can be put on a leash as well. They enjoy being outside as much as dogs. Ride your bike to the post office instead of driving your car. Take the steps instead of the elevator. Dance. These are all forms of exercise. You don’t have to spend hours on a treadmill. Matter of fact, doing cardio for long periods of time puts stress on the heart. If you want to do a whole hour of exercise, try taking a yoga class, or splitting up your workouts by doing 30 min. in the morning and 30 min mid day or evening. You could even split it by 15 min. and stay active throughout the day. You will feel invigorated, energized, and those endorphins will keep you happy all day long!

Drink lots of water

Good ol’ H20. We don’t get enough of it. Especially during the summer months, make sure you’re drinking water all day long and hydrate. Want to know how much water you need to drink daily? Take your weight, divide it in half and thats the amount of ounces you need to drink daily at a minimum. If you’re active, you need to drink more to replace the water that you sweat out. Try to minimize artificial beverages. Need electrolytes? Get yourself some coconut water. It’s packed with natural occurring electrolytes and potassium that helps with leg cramps. Indulge and feel refreshed. Throw in some fresh cut fruit and infuse the water for a natural detoxifying effect.


Most countries have a daily siesta hour. Unfortunately the United States missed the memo. This hour of relaxation is vital for a sound mind. Taking time to rest, breathe, eat lunch, digest & take shade under a tree during the hottest hour of the day is important for your body! Humans are not machines. Babies need naps and so do adults! Cant find time to shnooz? Take a 30 min. yoga break, meditate quietly in the corner of your office, and breathe. If you think the rest of your coworkers or employees would benefit from this then see if you could form a group, and close the office for lunch. Hire a yoga instructor to come in a lead a quick class for the whole office. This small gesture will boost work performance and makes everyone happier. Who doesn’t want to work in a happier and low stress environment? Take initiative. It doesn’t hurt to ask.


The working person often finds it more convenient to eat out although it’s actually not convenient at all. Besides it adding up and making a hole in your pocket, it actually kills too much time to eat out daily. Let’s do the math. If you are home in the evening and cook your dinner, it can usually take the most about an hour (usually dishes packed with meat). If you cook a vegetarian meal it usually takes top 30 min. Why not cook three meals all at the same time? Not only will you have dinner ready but breakfast, and lunch as well. When you eat out you have to add up the time it takes to drive to the location, order, and wait to be served, and the transport back. That time can be used more efficiently. You can drive to your nearest lake, park, and sit to eat the food you prepared the night before. When you cook more at home, you digest better. The ingredients are more wholesome and fresh with less preservatives and processed foods. You can use the money saved for a vacation retreat, or a quick weekend outing. A much better place to spend your money!


The kind of laughter that comes with cheeks that feel like they’re about to crack, tears and an abdomen that is begging for it to stop! This kind of laughter is very healing and great for the soul. It releases endorphins, the happy feel good hormone, lowers stress levels, and just feels wonderful! Take time to meet up with old friends. Old friends have a way of bringing out the things in you that you forgot were there. It’s great to reminisce and tell old embarrassing stories. Make the time to meet them, life gets in the way but don’t let it! Curl up on the couch and watch your favorite comedy. Visit an improv comedy theater in your town. Most importantly learn how to laugh at yourself. Life is serious as it is, be the reason why someone smiles today. Don’t take yourself too seriously and remember that you too were once 5 years old. Do something you used to love doing as a child and laugh at how ridiculous you must look. Just laugh daily!

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