6 Small Diet Changes for Big Results

Sometimes a little change can have far larger results than you’d expect! Small diet changes can often be more effective than a total overhaul of your diet. If you’re already eating healthy and still gaining weight, chances are you just need to make a few tweaks to your diet and you’ll start seeing the results you want. Below are a few of the best, simplest small diet changes you can make to start being far healthier and losing weight today:

Shop Healthier

When going to the supermarket, make it a point to only shop in the aisles that have healthy food. That means anything raw and fresh, including fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and grains. Stick with raw, unprocessed meat as well, and make sure that all of your shopping contains as little sugar and flavorings as possible. The healthier you shop, the easier it will be to eat healthy when you get home. After all, you won’t have any unwanted junk food in your weekly shopping, so there will be nothing unhealthy for your to cook!

Get Rid of Evening Junk Food

A lot of people like to end their evening meal with a little dessert: cake, ice cream, pie, cobbler, cookies, and the list goes on. As delightful as those food are, they’re guaranteed to cause weight gain instead of weight loss. All that sugar is going to go straight to your midsection, and it’ll just make it more likely that you’ll pack on the pounds from your evening meal. Try to avoid sugar after 2 PM, and you’ll be far less prone to weight gain.

Eliminate One Food Per Week

You may struggle getting rid of all the junk and unhealthy food in your life, but who says you have to do it all at once? Instead of purging everything on the same day, consider doing it a bit more slowly. Try eliminating one unhealthy food item or food group per week. That slow, easy purge of your diet will go a long way toward helping you get your eating habits on track. And you’ll find that it’s a lot easier on your family as well! They will have an easier time making those changes if they make them with you, and they have a decision as to what they want to eliminate!

Always Have Meals Ready

When are you most likely to order out or eat out? When you don’t have any “delicious” food in the fridge! When that fridge is looking empty, that’s when you’re most prone to going out to eat or putting in a call for takeout. Always make sure that you have backup meals ready—food you can heat up and serve in a few minutes, or meals that will be quick and easy to make. It’s worth spending a few hours on your weekend doing some advanced meal prep for the sake of your diet!

Find a “Safe” Restaurant

You’re going to want to go out to eat at some point, so it’s crucial that you find someplace you can eat healthy without worrying too much about what you’re ordering. Try and find a restaurant that offers healthy, balanced, low-calorie meals that you enjoy. It’ll always be your go-to when you want a nice night out!

Empty the Candy Stash

Candy is one of the worst things for dieters, as they’re small enough to be a “little” cheat but addictive enough that you’ll likely have more than just one piece. Try and keep candy and chocolates out of your house, for your diet’s sake!

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