7 Day Diet the Good and the Bad

The origin of the 7 Day Diet is unknown, but it has gained popularity due to the ‘Eat all you want’ part of the ‘diet’ plan.  It is not exactly a healthy diet, and it’s not exactly a balanced one, but it probably will help you to shed those last stubborn five pounds, through starvation if by no other method.

The 7 Day ‘All You Can Eat’ diet emphasizes a specific food group for each of the seven different days.  Most of the food types have very few calories, so on most of the days you will be eating far fewer calories than you take in, with the overall calorie balance being quite sharply negative.

If you want to maintain an active exercise regime while you’re on this diet, you will probably want to watch your protein and carbohydrate intakes in order to prevent collapse from exhaustion, malnutrition or dehydration.

The Basics

There’s not much to it so I’ll lay out what this diet involves here.  It’s not exactly eat all you want, but for most of the days you can eat as much as you want of a certain thing, and nothing else.

Day 1 – Eat as much fruit (and juices) as you want of any fruits, except bananas.

Day 2 – Eat all of the vegetables (and vegetable soup) that you like.

Day 3 – Eat a combination of Monday & Tuesday (i.e. fruit – except bananas, juices, vegetables, vegetable soups).

Day 4 – Eat 5 bananas and drink 5 glasses of whole milk. Some versions say 8 bananas and 4 glass of milk.

Day 5 – Eat 4 steaks of meat (3 ounces each – beef/chicken/fish) with unlimited green vegetables.

Day 6 – Eat 4 steaks of meat (3 ounces each – beef/chicken/fish) with unlimited green vegetables.

Day 7 – Eat 4 steaks of meat (3 ounces each – beef/chicken/fish) with unlimited green vegetables.

That’s pretty much it.  Good luck sticking to it – from personal weight loss experience I can tell you that those first three days are a killer!  After you get past that you’ll find it much easier when there’s a bit of variation.

What We Like

It does work – to an extent.  The 7 Day Diet is so extreme and limited that if you stick to it your body will shed the pounds, and you’ll come out of the week at least five pounds lighter.  However, you’ll probably put it back on within another week if you don’t move onto a much healthier diet as soon as possible.

Another thing we like about this diet is that it does emphasize a few things that you definitely should be eating – fruits, vegetables and lean meats.  However, the complete lack of carbohydrates is a problem.

What We Don’t Like

Most of the weight lost will be water as your body hurries to get rid of all of the extra liquid it’s carrying now that you’re no longer eating carbohydrates.  That in itself is the major worry about this diet – no sustainable diet contains almost no carbohydrates.  You need them in order to maintain a healthy metabolism, and to lose weight in the long term.

This is the definition of a crash diet, and will work just about as well as expected.  The completely unbalanced style of designing the meals means that, while you will lose weight, you will feel lethargic, lazy, moody and bad tempered the entire time, and you’ll gorge yourself on chocolate cake and solidified pig lard as soon as it’s over.

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