7 Reasons Your Diet Needs More Bone Broth

Bone broth is one of the oldest and most delicious foods on the planet! Since mankind has eaten animal meat, they’ve also found ways to make hearty, nutrient-rich soups using animal bones. Leaving the bones to boil for a few hours does wonders to produce a flavorful broth that contains a hefty dose of nutrients. If you’re trying to be healthy, you’ll find there are some pretty epic reasons to add more bone broth to your diet:

It’s Great for Your Joints

Bone broth is rich in glucosamine, a nutrient that is needed for healthy joints. It’s also found in large quantities in animal bones, and it is extracted when you boil the bones to make the broth. As a bonus, bovine bones also contain a hefty dose of chondroitin sulfate, a nutrient that pairs with glucosamine to encourage healthier cartilage. If you want to keep your joints in good shape, definitely add more bone broth to your diet.

It’ll Improve Gut Health

For those with gut health problems, bone broth can be your new best friend! Just one cup of the stuff every day can help to deal with leaky gut syndrome, sealing up your intestines and improving digestive health. The gelatin contained in the animal bones can act like “patches” to close up the holes in your intestinal lining, reduce chronic diarrhea and constipation, and even reduce certain intolerances to foods. It’s also a great hangover food if you’ve got gut sensitivities!

It Will Enhance Sleep Quality

That’s right, a cup or two of bone broth can do wonders to help you fall asleep at night! Bone broth is rich in glycine, a nutrient that can both stave off fatigue and help to improve the quality of your sleep. Definitely a good reason to add more broth to your diet!

It Will Increase Your Collagen

Bone broth is cooked for long hours at a very low temperature, and this helps to break down the connective tissue and bones. During the cooking process, more collagen is released from the bones and joints, which is then absorbed into your body as you eat the broth. While it’s unclear whether this collagen will directly help your skin, it’s definitely healing for your internal organs.

It Can Boost Immunity

Bone broth is loaded with minerals, possibly even to the “superfood” level of micronutrient density. All of these minerals work together to improve your internal functions, chief among them your immune system. The minerals will support your body’s ability to adapt to and resist disease, fight infection, and ward off bacteria. Just a few cups of bone broth a week can make a huge difference to your body’s immunity!

It Delivers a Protein Punch

The bones and meat used to make bone broth are packed with protein, the amino acids your body needs to build new muscle tissue. While it shouldn’t be the only source of your protein, it’s definitely one more good addition to a protein-heavy diet. For those who don’t regularly eat red meat, making bone broth is a good way to supplement protein into your diet.

It Strengthens Your Bones

All those minerals—phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium, among others—in bone broth are amazing for your bone health. The broth will deliver those nutrients straight to your digestive system, where they are easily absorbed and put to good use strengthening your bones. You’ll find your bones are stronger, more resistant to damage, and less likely to become brittle with age thanks to these nutrients—and getting them via bone broth is definitely a good way to go!

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