8 Awesome Exercises for Massive Arms

The arm muscles (biceps, triceps, and forearms) are actually surprisingly small in comparison with your chest, back, and leg muscles. It takes a lot more work to get big arms, and you have to be certain you’re doing the right workouts. Here are a few of the best exercises for massive arms:


The best type of strength to develop is functional strength, the kind that allows you to move your bodyweight with ease. Pull-Ups are one of the best functional strength movements for your upper body. It hits your back and shoulders, but it also gives your biceps a wicked workout. It even develops serious forearm strength!


If you want to shred those triceps, dips are a surprisingly good workout. Not only do they hit the back of your arms, but they work your forearms, shoulders, and even your chest. They’re a simple workout that can be difficult enough to help you get your arms in shape. Best of all, it’s easy to start adding weight once you’re strong enough to lift your body weight with ease. Just place a weight disc on your lap as you dip.

TRX Bicep Curl

This bodyweight movement is incredibly tough, but brilliant to help shred your biceps! Instead of curling a weight, you use a TRX band to curl your own bodyweight. All you have to do is lean back, keep your upper arms locked, and move only your forearms to curl your body weight toward the band. It’s perfect for developing functional strength.

Band Pushdowns

If you want to try a great triceps workout but don’t have a cable machine, this is the best alternative for you. You just need a few simple resistance bands, and you can get in a great triceps workout. All you need to do is attach the bands to something overhead, and the push-down exercise shreds your triceps. If you really want to go for it, use a light band and perform anywhere from 50 to 75 reps!

Diamond Push-Ups

This is another excellent bodyweight exercise to help you develop arm strength, this time in your forearms and triceps. Regular push-ups do wonders for your arms, but this close-grip push-up places most of the emphasis on your triceps. Make sure to go low enough that your solar plexus touches your knuckles, and you’ll feel the burn in no time!

Crab Walk

This is a strange exercise, yet it’s awesome for building strength in your shoulders and arms. In the crab position, your arms and shoulders do most of the work of keeping your body upright and stable as you move your feet forward. With the right posture, it will help you develop the strength needed for push-ups and other functional strength “pushing” movements.


While Pull-Ups focus more on your back muscles, chin-ups hit your biceps hard. If you really want to focus on the biceps, slide your hands inward until they are only a couple of inches apart. It still engages your shoulders and back, but the majority of the focus is on your arms. Definitely a good way to get a solid “pump” in your arms workout.

Pike Push-Up

This is a brilliant movement to help you develop shoulder and arm strength. The position of the push-up takes the attention off your chest, placing most of the weight on your arms and shoulders. Even if you’re not strong enough to perform handstand push-ups, you can shred the other muscles in your upper body with this awesome movement. Be warned: it’s a lot harder than it looks!

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