8 Best Fruits for a Healthy Diet

Ask any fitness expert, dietician, or nutritionist, and they’ll tell you that fruit is a VERY important part of your diet. Fruits provide vitamins and antioxidants in easy to digest quantities, not to mention a bit of sugar for your body to use as energy. You need fruits in addition to those dark and leafy greens. But not all fruits are created equal. Some are higher in water and nutrients, while others have more sugar! Here are the best fruits for a healthy diet:


Tomatoes are another fruit, technically speaking. Most of us see them as veggies, but that doesn’t make them any less important a fruit! Tomatoes are an amazing source of Vitamin C, dietary fiber, and a prostate-friendly antioxidant called lycopene. You can add more raw tomatoes into your salad, stewed tomatoes into your soups, or even homemade tomato sauce into your pastas. There’s no such thing as too many tomatoes in a day!


Pound for pound, strawberries contain more Vitamin C than most citrus fruits. They’re great not only for your skin health, but also for your reproductive health. A whole cup of strawberries contains around 50 calories—not too bad for such a deliciously sweet treat.


Papaya is one of the best anti-inflammatory fruits, thanks to its high levels of an enzyme called chymopapain. It’s also rich in Vitamin C, dietary fiber, and other important nutrients. It’s AMAZING for your skin and can speed up the healing of wounds. It’s also gorgeously low in sugar—no more than 5 grams in 3 ounces of fruit.


Yes, avocadoes make it onto this list because they’re a fruit. Technically, they’re a berry, but you can still think of them as a fruit—and one of the healthiest fruits around. Not only are they beautifully low in sugar, but they’re packed with dietary fiber, Vitamin E, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They’re the “healthy fat” that will reduce your risk of heart problems while encouraging weight loss and fat burning. Half an avocado per day is an excellent way to add more healthy fat and calories to your diet.


Also known as “melon”, cantaloupe is an amazing post-workout snack. You get a ton of Vitamin A from each serving of melon, along with dietary fiber that will fill you up for hours. It’s high-water fruit that will be wonderful for hydration, yet it contains very little sugar. All in all, an AMAZING fruit—one of the best fruits for a healthy diet!


Who doesn’t love berries? Bright, colorful, and packed with delicious flavor, all berries are a wonderful addition to your diet. But raspberries in particular are a “must have” food. They’re highly satisfying, and they’ll shut down your cravings and sweet tooth without adding too much sugar to your diet. They are loaded in fiber that will keep you full for longer. Definitely the dessert food of champions.


The blackness of these berries makes them incredibly healthy! The dark color means they’re overloaded with antioxidants and vitamins, as well as phytonutrients that can help to reduce your risk of disease. You get a lot of Vitamin K from these bad boys, along with manganese to balance out your hormones.


If you want a fruit that’s mostly water and delicious flavor, look no farther than watermelon. This fruit is an amazing source of dietary fiber, electrolytes, and liquid, along with citrulline-arginine, a nutrient that can help to relax your blood vessels and improve circulation. It can improve your cardiovascular and reproductive health—plus, it’s darn delicious!


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