8 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results from Your Diet

Frustrated because you’re not seeing the results you thought you’d have when you started this tough diet? Here are 8 reasons your diet may not be paying off:

  1. You cut gluten — Gluten is only a problem for those that are sensitive to it. Just cutting it out of your diet won’t mean you’ll lose weight. If you don’t need to avoid gluten, don’t. Cutting it out will just deprive you of the nutrients you need from whole wheat and other healthy sources of gluten, and you won’t be doing your diet any favors.
  2. You’ve sworn off carbs — Carbs are your body’s best friend, or at least complex carbs are. The Paleo and Atkins diet aren’t necessarily the best weight loss diets, as they’ll only yield results in the short term. Better, cut out simple carbs and only eat complex carbs – grains, legumes, veggies, and fruits.
  3. You just avoid sweets — If you’ve made the sacrifice to cut out that tasty chocolate or ice cream, it doesn’t mean you’re not overeating in other areas. It’s the calories that matter most, and just cutting out sweets won’t stop you from eating too many calories. Cutting out sweets is a good first step, but it’s not the only thing that you have to do. If you’re going to go for broke, cut sugar, fat, and empty carbs – but not just one.
  4. You starve yourself — Well that’s just plain silly! Starving yourself actually makes your body hoard fat, and you may even find yourself a pound or two heavier. Cut back, but not too much! You want to reduce your daily calorie intake by about 300 to 500 calories, but no more. If you cut too far, your body will start shutting down. Make sure to just cut enough that you still have energy, but your body has to burn fat.
  5. You overdose on fiber — Yes, fiber is a great nutrient to promote weight loss, but overdosing on it will actually backfire. It will cause you to bloat, make digestion tough, and even slow down your exercise efforts. Everything in moderation, even the good nutrients like fiber.
  6. You only eat salad — Salad means more than just veggies in many countries. A good salad can be heaped with cheese, ham, bacon bits, croutons, and Ranch dressing – all of which add up to far more calories than you’d get in a compact meal. Go for healthy salads that are low in fat and calories, and don’t load your salads with too much food.
  7. You eat pre- and post-workout snacks — Unless you’re training for a marathon or exercising for more than 90 minutes, you don’t really need to snack before or after a workout. If you must eat, go for a handful of nuts, a small slice of chicken breast, or a piece of fruit – all low-fat, low-calorie options.
  8. You only eat low-fat — Just because the label says “low in fat”, that doesn’t mean it’s low in calories. You may be amazed by how many calories you get from “low fat” foods you eat willy-nilly just because of their label.

Now do you know why you’re not losing weight as much as you could? These simple mistakes can stop you from losing weight, and you’ll find that your attempts to diet won’t pay off. You’ll quickly get frustrated and annoyed that you’re not seeing the results, and out the window your diet will go. Dieting the smart way is the key to losing weight, so don’t make these mistakes when trying to lose weight!

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