8 Simple Tricks to Torch Serious Calories

Struggling to lose weight and burn fat? It’s a tough thing to do, as your body is made to store fat, not eliminate it! But we’ve got a few simple tricks that will help you torch serious calories with nothing but a few changes to your daily lifestyle and habits:

Increase Protein Intake

No other nutrient burns calories as efficiently as protein! Protein increases your metabolism more efficiently than the other macro and micronutrients, helping your body to naturally burn more calories of energy throughout the day. Make it a point to get at least 25% of your daily calories from protein, and you’ll torch serious calories throughout the day.

Exercise Standing Up

This is a simple tweak to your workout, but it can have huge benefits! Every time you work out sitting or lying down, your body is resting and relaxing—aside from the body part doing the work, of courses. You end up burning fewer calories than you would doing your workout standing up. Try to find standing exercises that replace the sitting and lying down ones, and you’ll torch serious calories every time you hit the weights.

Speed it Up

Next time you go for a run, try speeding up your pace a little bit—maybe 5 to 10%, not a ton, just enough to get your body working a bit harder. You’ll find that you burn through the calories a lot faster because you’re using more energy with every second. Or, try adding in some high intensity intervals with your low-intensity work. The higher-intensity periods will torch serious calories!

Clean More

That’s right, it’s as simple as spending more time around your house doing cleaning and maintenance jobs! Cleaning, yard work, carpentry, and maintenance causes you to move around, sometimes to the point that you’ll actually end up sweating. Make it a point to clean more, and you’ll spend more of your time active and moving.

Cut Carbs

That doesn’t mean cut them completely, but do cut back on the amount that you eat. Cutting carbs can increase your daily calorie burn while reducing your intake of unnecessary (and often unhealthy) simple carbs. Stick with small servings of whole grains, fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, and seeds, and cut everything else carb-related out of your diet!

Tank Up on Fiber

No matter what you eat, make sure that you include generous helpings of high-fiber foods along with it. Fiber fills up your stomach faster, shutting down your hunger pangs and sending signals to your brain that you’re full sooner. The result is a reduced caloric intake because your stomach is filled with healthy fiber.

Drink More Water

Water does wonders for your metabolism, helping your body to keep everything burning and working smoothly. Chugging a big glass of water 10 to 15 minutes before a meal can also fill your stomach and keep you from feeling extra hungry. You’ll find that drinking more water before your meals will help to reduce the amount of calories you eat at those meals.

Be Beverage-Savvy

Water is the #1 beverage you should be consuming on a daily basis. Unsweetened tea, coffee, yerba mate, and herbal teas get a place on the list, along with fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Other than that, it’s time to cut all other beverages out of your diet. If it’s sweet or contains any kind of artificial flavoring or sugar, it’s a no-no! Try to stick with beverages that are 100% healthy in their natural form, and avoid adding anything sweet or unhealthy into your body through the liquid you drink.

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