9 Healthy Fall Foods to Enjoy

Autumn is a wonderful time of year! The weather is turning a bit chilly, the outdoors are beautifully colorful, and there is an abundance of fall fruits and veggies to enjoy. For those trying to lose weight, get in shape, and improve their overall health, here are some healthy fall foods to add to your menu:


Bake them with cinnamon, stew them for applesauce, or slice them to make apple pie–pretty much any way you prepare apples, they will be delicious! The fruit is rich in pectin, a form of fiber that is amazing for your digestive system. The apple skins are also loaded with flavonoids, which will do wonders for your heart!


They may look like carrots, but parsnips have a delicious flavor all their own. This is one fall food you want to eat a lot of, particularly if you’re cutting carbs. You can make your own parsnip puree in place of mashed potatoes, and you’ll get a lot of fiber and potassium from this amazing veggie!

Brussels Sprouts

These mini-cabbages aren’t available all year round, so make the most of them while they’re in supermarkets! Not only do they have a milder flavor than regular cabbage, but they’re packed with fiber, healthy minerals, folic acid, and iron. You even get a large amount of your daily dose of Vitamin K with these little sprouts.


The whiter version of broccoli may not contain all the folic acid and antioxidants that the dark green “trees” have, but that doesn’t make cauliflower a less healthy option. Steaming or mashing cauliflower makes for a brilliant side dish, one with rich flavors and a healthy balance of fiber and nutrients. The phytonutrients in cauliflower will do wonders for your cholesterol!


Few foods are as synonymous with fall as pumpkin and squash, and that’s primarily thanks to the popularity of pumpkin pie. Both of these veggies are amazing for your health, as they contain A LOT of the Vitamin A you need to keep your eyes in good health. As long as you don’t add too much sugar, you can enjoy pumpkin or squash in just about any recipe without worrying about eating unhealthy.


While not the most popular of the healthy fall foods, these veggies are definitely a good option to enjoy in your autumn and winter meals. A rutabaga is a sort of cross between cabbage and turnips, and they’re brilliant to make purees, soups, stews, and casseroles. They’re an amazing source of dietary fiber, as well as a good way to get more Vitamin C in your daily diet.


Beets are an amazing food. First off, you can chop the greens and use them to make salads, soups, and veggie dishes. Steam the beets, and you’re giving your body A LOT of healthy antioxidants, fiber, and minerals. They’re some of the healthiest veggies around, and they’re definitely a good option to add to your autumn menu.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain a lot of Vitamin A, making them excellent for your hair, skin, and eyes. There is also a lot more fiber in the potatoes, and fewer carbs than regular white or yellow potatoes. For those who want to make a tasty mash with a hint of sweet, this is definitely the veggie for you!


Sour, tangy, and a whole lot of work, pomegranates are also one of the healthiest fruits around! Not only are they loaded with Vitamin C, but they’re an amazing source of antioxidants–more than you’ll find dark red grape juice and red wine.


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