A Healthier You in 365 Days

Want to have a healthier lifestyle this year? 2014 is a beautiful new year in which to make life changes that will help you to be healthier, happier, fitter, and overall a better person.

This year, try the things listed below. 365 days from now, you’ll find that life is so much better in so many ways:

Read a Book

One book a month at least, one per week is better! It builds brain power, expands your knowledge, and keeps your brain sharp.

Laugh More

Make it a point to laugh for at least 5 to 10 minutes every morning, and another 5 to 10 minutes every evening. It’s a great way to improve your life!

Write it Down

Have an idea for a novel, a comic book, a magazine article, or a movie? Write it down! Even if you never take it anywhere, you never know when that ideal may come in handy later.

Feel It

Open yourself up to those feelings that are there in your heart. Don’t block them off, but let yourself experience the feelings. You’ll find your life is enriched if you’re willing to laugh, cry, yell, and emote.

Keep a Journal

You’d be amazed at how much you can learn about yourself if you take time to write in your journal. It’s slow going at first, but within a few weeks the words will just flow from your pen onto the paper.

Watch Documentaries

Movies and TV series may be fun, but documentaries actually add value to your life. Even if you just watch one a month, you’ll find your knowledge is greatly expanded.

Take Care of Your Smile

Brush, floss, and rinse. Your smile is one of the best parts of you, and you’ve got to keep it healthy and fresh in order to make a good first impression.

Dress the Part

Want to feel better, more professional, or more attractive this year? Give your wardrobe an upgrade, and start dressing better. You’ll find that it’s much easier to feel good when you look good.

Save Change

Don’t just spend your quarters, nickels, and dimes on trivial things, but save them up. Collect them in a Mason jar in your living room, and you’ll be amazed by how much money you’ll “earn” at the end of the year.

Examine Your Habits

Got habits that are unhealthy, such as not sleeping enough, smoking, drinking too much, eating junk food, etc.? If so, take a look at those habits, and see if you can’t change them this year.

Face Your Fears

Afraid to move out of your parents’ house, break up with that terrible boyfriend, or try bungee jumping? This is a good year to face those fears, and work to overcome them. It may be rough at the beginning, but life gets better once you kick your fears in the teeth.

Get Unplugged

For just one day each week, turn off your TV, computer, and cell phone. Do things that take you away from electricity, and you’ll find your life is greatly enriched.

Do Something New

Make it a habit to do at least one new thing a month. Go someplace new, try a new cuisine, or engage in an activity you’ve never tried before. Once you get used to it, try to do something new once a week, and then once a day. Your life will never be the same.

Get in Shape

This is the last of your New Years’ resolutions, but it should be the most important one. Don’t just sign up for the gym, though, but make a commitment to go. It’s time to get off your butt and get in shape!

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