A New Year of Exercise

Have you ever tried to diet before but ended up failing at the task? Don’t feel bad if this is the case. The overwhelming majority of all first diets fail. And whether it’s due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of will power, the end result is the same – the fat comes back with a vengeance!

One of the primary reasons diets fail is that being active is just too much for some people.

It’s not necessarily that exercising is physically hard and draining, but our hectic lifestyles sometimes make it difficult to be active and to burn off those extra calories.

Cutting back on food intake, changing your diet around, and eating healthier will certainly help you to lose weight, but in order to burn off that fat, your body needs an extra boost. You need to expend a lot more energy than you take in if you want to effectively lose those pounds, and that’s where exercising comes in.

Many people are finding it hard to fit exercise into their lives because:

  • Work schedules are hectic
  • The kids and the housework takes precedence
  • Aching joints and muscles make it difficult
  • Embarrassment keeps you out of the gym
  • Laziness is a tough mental obstacle to hurdle
  • And many, many more reasons

If you’re like millions of others out there and have made a resolution that, in 2011, you will lose weight, believe us when we tell you that exercise and living an active lifestyle is very important.

Changing your diet is certainly half the battle and will help you succeed, but it’s that activity that really helps to expend energy and assists you in losing weight and getting in overall shape.

Did You Know?

  • Calorie intake and weight-loss isn’t a 1:1 scenario. Example: If you’re used to eating 2,000 calories a day and cut back to 1,500, your body isn’t necessarily burning 500 calories of stored fat on its own. It needs a boost. You must expend more energy than you take in
  • Exercising regularly actually gives you more energy! That’s why people busting through the proverbial hurdle can easily fall into routine with exercise – they’re boosting their energy levels with each workout
  • Exercise greatly assists in proper sleep patterns, and sleeping properly every night will greatly assist in weight-loss. It’s a way to find the balance your body needs
  • Most weight-loss exercises can be done at home or without a gym membership or expensive exercise equipment
  • 20 measly minutes of exercise a day can help you not only lose weight but also stave off heart disease, diabetes, muscle loss, and other afflictions

Easy Exercise Tips

Early Bird

If you sleep properly, you should feel energized in the mornings. Take this time to exercise. This will help keep your energy levels up all day.

Also, exercising before you start eating will help your body to break down those foods better and use the fuel for energy instead of for fat stores, meaning you can easily maintain and/or lose weight more efficiently with morning workouts!

Take 20 to 30 minutes out of your morning and walk briskly or jog (even if it’s ‘in place’), get on that exercise bike, hit the weights, do some yoga or Pilates, or even take the pets out for a walk.

Be Resourceful

As stated above, most exercises can be done without an expensive gym membership or exercise equipment. Simply use what you have. Ride your bike, skateboard, or even go old-school and move those cinderblocks from one side of your yard to the other! Do sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. Heck, even shooting hoops in front of your garage is a fantastic exercise!

Go Ninja!

Ninjas and other martial arts experts are great at what they do because they use their surroundings to their benefit. You can do the exact same with exercising.

If there’s not a parking space at the mall, don’t get down – use this to your benefit. Park across the street and walk the extra 100 or so yards! Likewise with buildings – take the stairs instead of the elevator.

It’s not hard at all to be active, you only have to try.

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