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This site was started in 2003 with the aim of providing free, practical information to help healthy people lose weight safely. This site provides information in the form of diet plans, sample diets, calorie charts, guidelines, tips and recipes, we also give information in other areas of human anatomy, physiology and psychology. From these topics we attempt to pick out the important aspects and describe in basic terms how each process works and why its important for successful weight.

This holistic approach often encourages a new found motivation in people and in many cases helps people put theoretical knowledge to practical use. For many visitors this new knowledge often helps in making better decisions about lifestyle change and help focus more energy towards the goal of healthy, permanent weight loss.

The site was started by Wanye McGregor and his devoted team of writers and health enthusiasts. Wayne has been involved in the weight loss industry for over 10 years. He is in regular contact with colleagues involved in research for the health industry including weight loss, fitness and nutrition. Most of the information on this site has been written by Mr Mcgregor and his team. Most of the articles are based on our team’s opinions and understanding in the health and weight loss field.

Here’s how Wayne describes his journey..
From the age of 15 years I had a deep passion for training. I enjoyed all types of exercise. If I wasn’t exercising I was reading about everything involved in health and fitness. From this knowledge I developed the confidence to help friends and family reach their fitness goals, some achieved great success through an active change. This early success inspired me to seek a career in the industry. I gained diplomas in fitness and nutrition, gained qualifications as an aerobics instructor and enrolled onto an honours degree course in Human Nutrition & dietetics. Since then I have been working as a weight loss advisor for 10 years and I still possess a passion to help others succeed.

Please note that we can only answer general questions here. Specific questions relating to your personal condition and health should be discussed with a qualified doctor or physical. The information on this site is not a substitute for visiting the doctor.

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