How to Do Aerobic Exercises Correctly

Aerobic exercise such as taking a long, brisk walk or swimming is an effective way to lose fat if you are motivated enough to workout frequently because it only burns fat during the workout. If you want visible results you need to exercise daily and for long periods.

Anaerobic training is intense physical activity such as weight lifting or sprinting carried out over short periods of time (interval training). It promotes strength, speed and power and is used by body builders to build muscle mass. It burns more calories than aerobic exercise due to the increased physical exertion. During periods of rest, the increased metabolic rate of the body and energy required by the body to recover from such exercise cause the body to burn fat.

Most exercises can be performed as aerobic or anaerobic. For example, walking is an aerobic exercise but if the effort is increased, the body requires more oxygen in order to produce energy to keep moving.

If the body is unable to supply the muscle cells with sufficient oxygen, the body will switch to anaerobic processes to produce the energy it requires. This means that the body will increase the amount of carbohydrates it burns in proportion to the amount of fat it burns in the body.

Best Way of Burning Fat

Although a study has shown that interval training burns fat and improves fitness more quickly than constant but moderately intensive physical activity1, your body requires a mix of both aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise to burn fat effectively. The reason is that anaerobic exercise requires a good aerobic foundation. Aerobic exercise keeps the heart healthy and fit to perform exercise, increase circulation, as well as to eliminate the lactic acid and hydrogen ions produced by anaerobic exercise which causes fatigue2.

The best way to burn fat is to mix interval training in with aerobic activity one or twice a week by doing 30 second intensive sprints or laps in the pool.


1 : Interval Training Burns More Fat, Increases Fitness
2 Muscles burn lactic acid as well as carbos

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