Breakdown of amino acid blood pool during low calorie dieting periods

Amino acids are needed for a multitude of purposes in the human body on a constant basis. Non-essential amino acids are manufactured within the body and can be ordered by the brain “on the spot”. Essential amino acids must come from the foods that we eat.

If we do not receive enough of them through the foods we take in, then our bodies must find them in existing protein structures, mainly the muscles. If the brain senses the need to metabolise certain protein molecules in order to fuel necessary activities, then the muscle tissue will be metabolised, regrouped and used as needed.

How can I avoid protein catabolism?

There are several methods to employ in order to avoid the onset of protein catabolism. Especially for athletes, but for all others as well, we need our protein! Maintaining solid muscle mass throughout life increases resting metabolism rates, enables us to thrive in our later years, makes us confident and enhances all of life in general.

It is desirable to not have your protein stores ate away because of improper nutritional intake issues. Quite simply, if you do not desire to experience protein catabolism due to an insufficient amount of available essential amino acids.

Ensure that you’re getting them through one of these 3 sources:

  • Animal sources;
  • Vegetable sources;
  • Amino acid supplements;

Tips for increasing your protein stores, muscle mass, metabolic rate and overall health:

  • Eat 4 or 5 350 to 450-calorie meals each day instead of just 1 or 2 large meals;
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day – even if you break it down into several shorter sessions;
  • Base your food choices primarily on lean meats, vegetables, omega 3-rich foods and delicious green tea;
  • Take every small action you can in order to increase metabolism like taking the steps instead of the elevator, parking further back in the lot and more;
  • Manage your stress levels with massage, exercise, yoga, meditation and more;

Your body is not capable of storing essential amino acids and therefore must result to protein catabolism when appropriate nutrient levels are absent. By ensuring that you provide your body with consistent, dependable food sources, you will eliminate the need for protein break down.

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