Awesome Pushup Alternatives to Try

Getting bored of doing the same push-ups over and over again? Don’t let yourself plateau because you’re only doing the classic pushups, but give these pushup alternatives a try:

Single Leg Pushups

This pushup alternative gets your core involved, making the movement a whole lot harder. There’s still a lot of focus placed on your chest and upper body, but by lifting your leg, you force the core to work double time.

Clap Ups

If you’re truly hardcore, this is the exercise for you! Propelling yourself upward with enough force to lift your body off the ground is a wicked explosive movement, and will shred your chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles like nothing else can.

Plyo Pushup

Similar to Clap Ups, the Plyo Pushup involves you pushing hard enough to lift your hands from the ground, but you don’t clap between each repetition. Once again, the explosive movement will work your body much more effectively than a simple pushup, leading to beautifully ripped chest, shoulder, and triceps muscles.

Staggered Hands Pushup

Put one hand by your ribcage and keep the other in its normal place, and push up! This works the triceps and shoulders at a different angle, and when you switch hands, it will give your entire upper body a solid workout.

Mechanical Change Pushup

This is definitely not an easy one, but for advanced pushup-ers only! Do a pushup in your regular position, then hold the plank position long enough to walk your hands outward in to a wide hands pushup. Do one repetition, then move your hands close together for a diamond pushup. This will hit all parts of your chest, leading to solid, even definition.

Wide Hands Push Up

Don’t ignore the outer edges of your pectoral muscles! To get even definition, you need to work all facets of the muscles. Spreading your hands nice and wide will make the push-up much harder, and you’ll feel the burn on the outside of your chest.

Diamond Pushup

To hit the inner chest muscles, this is the movement for you. Place your hands close together immediately beneath the center of your chest, and do the push-ups like that. It’s going to help you build even definition across the entire pectoral muscle.

Knee Drive Pushup

Get your core working hard and shred those abs! Perform a pushup, and once you reach the plank position, drive your right knee to your chest. Place the foot back on the floor, perform another regular pushup, and drive your left knee to your chest. It’s a great way to double down on the effectiveness of the movement.

Pushup Jack

As you drop down into the pushup, jump your legs to about shoulder width apart. As you press back up, jump your feet together. Great for your abs and back!

Pushup Fly

Want to get your shoulders and back involved in your push-ups? Do a regular pushup, hold at the plank position, and lift your left arm outward in a flying motion. Do another pushup and lift your right arm this time. You’ll feel the burn in your shoulders and back in no time!

Crossover Pushup

Not for the faint of heart! This involves some serious abs work, so be prepared to burn. Perform a regular pushup, then as you hold in plank, cross your right foot under your left leg and extend it fully. Bring it back to your starting position, do another pushup, and cross the left foot under the right leg this time. It’s guaranteed to get you working hard!

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