Bad Habits that Detract From Your Health

We all have those little bad habits, things that we do consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes it’s grabbing a midnight snack when we’re hungry, or it could be skipping on your workout because you’ve got other plans.

These bad habits could cause health problems, so it’s time to change your habits for your health’s sake. Here are a few of the bad habits that could be causing your health issues:

Drinking Too Much

How much is too much? For a healthy body, more than one or two drinks per day counts as too much. Not one or two drinks at a sitting, PER DAY! Drinking too much doesn’t just increase your risk of hangover, but it can alter your menstrual cycle and cause fertility and pregnancy problems. It has also been proven that women who drink a lot tend to have more unprotected sex with a greater number of partners, which increases the risk of STDs. Plus, overdoing it on booze can lead to liver, colon, breast cancer–among others.

Wearing Heels AND Flats

You may think that flats are good for your feet, but the truth is that they can be harmful for your feet thanks to the fact that they offer little in the way of cushioning and stability. You increase your risk of plantar fasciitis when you wear flats, which is why it’s better to wear regular shoes to work. Of course, all women know that tall heels can lead to sprained and broken ankles, as well as pain from the odd angle of your feet as you walk.

Working Out, But Not Enough

Everyone tries to add some exercise into their day, but what happens when you don’t get exercise often enough? Well, for one, you increase your risk of injury when you do exercise. Infrequent exercise can cause you to force yourself to work harder when you do hit the gym, but the fact that you don’t regularly use your muscles means that you could injure yourself when you do hit the weights or the treadmill at high intensity.

Doing Fast Food

Who doesn’t love a late-night stop at the drive-in after a night on the town? There’s something about fast food that makes it highly enjoyable, even though it’s supremely unhealthy! If you eat too much fast food–and more than once a week counts as “too much”–you’ll find yourself packing on the pounds and facing health problems. You can become addicted to fat, sugar, and carbs thanks to the fast food, and you’ll slow your metabolism down.

Forgetting to Remove Your Makeup

Is your face covered in pimples and blackheads? If so, you’ve probably slept in your makeup for more nights than you care to remember. The truth is that sleeping with your makeup on can lead to seriously clogged pores, which can cause pimples at best and skin infections at worst. Foundation is definitely the worst, but the other cosmetics don’t get a free pass. Make sure to remove that makeup at night, and you’ll reduce your risk of skin issues dramatically!

Not Flossing

If you’re anything like me, you hate flossing. That sensation of something slicing across your gums no doubt drives you crazy, so you prefer to avoid flossing. Unfortunately for you and me, flossing is supremely important for the health of your gums and teeth, and failing to floss can lead to all kinds of infections. It’s important to make flossing a regular habit, as it will help to prevent the buildup of plaque and bacteria that cause oral infections. It won’t just lead to cavities, but root canals, gum disease, and tooth loss can all be the result of not flossing.

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