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How to get rid of a bloated Belly



A bloated stomach can be a horror for any woman trying to fit into a smaller dress size. Women are more likely to be stressed from belly bloats because they can cause a bigger stomach bump making it look like they’re becoming fatter. A bloated stomach or a distended belly is often caused by intestinal gas that builds up in the bowels of the stomach. Belly bloating should first be checked out by your doctor to eliminate any chance of other health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome.

For many people suffering from bloating and a distended belly after meals it is often a diet related problem, but it can also be a painful experience and you should look at reducing the causes of stomach bloating. Fatty foods are often the cause of bloating of the belly as fat takes much longer to exit the stomach and intestines. This is the reason why we often feel very full after a high fat meal. There are however other causes of a bloated stomach, these are:

  • An infection or blockage in the G.I tract

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome – should be checked by doctor to eliminate this possibility!

  • Anxiety or stress

  • Intolerance to lactose or other allergies to foods

  • Other conditions such as Celiac disease which should be checked for

The changes in hormones just before a period can make any bloating of the belly much worse due to the fluid retention often experienced at this time. Stress of any kind will also make it harder for the body to digest a meal properly, and this may produce more bloating of the stomach.

For some people, stomach bloating can be cured by eating the right kind of foods, as well as limiting the amount of food eaten at each meal. A much bigger meal or huge portions can make the experience of stomach bloating much worse than smaller portions.

Here are some ways to reduce or eliminate stomach bloating:

  1. Allow sufficient time for each meal to digest before activity of any kind.

  2. Drink more water

  3. Eat and drink slowly

  4. Try eating Bio-live yogurt as the “good” bacteria may calm an inflamed stomach (not if lactose intolerant!)

  5. Any type of fresh wholesome foods and ingredients can improve the problem of stomach bloats, although make sure you’re not allergic to any new foods introduced to the diet!

  6. Try cutting down on fatty foods and dairy produce to see if the bloating slows more, but don’t always eliminate them completely without advice from your doctor first.

  7. Chewing gum may cause more bloating so cut down on this if you chew gum a lot and experience a bloating belly


You must seek approval from your doctor before starting any new diet. Please read our Terms !



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