The Benefits of Physical Activity

People are aware that they should get exercise in addition to a well balanced diet to live a healthy lifestyle. What they should be seeing in that mirror is the rosy glow on their skin, the shining eyes and healthy body because they exercise. Even if you do not have the perfect body, exercising will make you healthier and increase your self esteem in the long run.

The youth cult in America today makes people of all ages and sexes yearn to look young, so they pay untold amounts of money for surgeries and treatments to look young.  Really though, people need to just exercise.  Physical activity doesn't have to happen at an expensive gym, nor does it take specialized equipment.  If people don't have extra money for a gym membership, some simple activities, according to the National Institutes of Health, can get the ball rolling for them and keep them fit.

Here are easy solutions to become physical active without spending money:

When a body does simple exercises with little intensity, the body benefits by sustained workouts.  Focused exercises such as endurance, reaching, upper and lower body strength exercises include an intensity not found in every day, simple physical activity.  This type of focus is good for the heart and lungs, for they pump oxygenated blood to the areas being strengthened.

Why exercising is good for you:


Good health and peak fitness show on people's skin, eyes, and body. It's a young and sexy look.  There is no need for surgery, just a healthy attitude towards exercising.

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