Best Diets to Drop 10 Quick Pounds

Not all weight loss objectives involve grandiose, long-term goals. Sometimes you just want to drop a few pounds to make yourself feel a little better about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. The cool thing about wanting to lose a few pounds and nothing more is that you can often achieve your goal pretty quickly. Fast weight loss is possible when your weight loss goal is modest.

So how best to go about shedding those 10 pounds in a short period of time? Here are a few different thoughts and approaches for diets to lose weight fast:

Short Yourself 1,000 Calories a Day

One pound of body weight is equivalent to 3,500 calories. So if you want to lose 10 pounds you need to run at an overall caloric deficit of 35,000 calories for a while. While it flirts somewhat with the extreme side of dieting, it’s doable to run at a daily calorie deficit of 1,000 calories in order to reach your goal in just over a month.

Figure out first how many calories you burn per day and then ask two questions:

  • how can I burn even more calories?
  • how can I cut out calories from my diet?

Your objective should be to come up with a way to burn 500 additional calories per day (which can be achieved through exercise and being more active) and a way to cut out an additional 500 calories from your daily meal plan. That combination will net a daily deficit of 1,000 calories which will have those pesky 10 pounds gone in a month.

Will this plan to lose 10 pounds in one month be easy? No. It will quite possibly be rather excruciating, especially while you’re first getting started and adjusting to feelings of hunger without having yet noticed any results. But if you stick with it, it’s only a month. You can probably follow any diet and exercise plan for only a month if you really had to.

Cut Out Carbs

For most of us, that bit of excess weight comes from just munching on too many carbs. The problem with carbs is that they’re really easy to eat (think: how easy it would be to eat a whole bag of potato chips in one sitting). It’s not hard to load up on too many calories when you give yourself access to a bunch of carbs. By cutting them out of your diet and thus consuming a vast majority of your daily calories from protein and fat, you’ll find it harder to overdo it. You may soon realize your new diet is pretty similar to a hunter-gatherer diet as you watch the pounds fall away.

Go on a Juice Fast

Want to really ramp up your lose 10 pounds diet? Try a juice fast. We have to caution however that this type of diet falls into the category of “extreme” to a degree that it can potentially endanger one’s health. A recent film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, praised juice fasting as a way to regain one’s overall health. But there are safer and more moderate approaches to reaching your goals than consuming nothing but liquid vegetables for extended periods of time.

Get Plenty of Vitamins

A problem many encounter when trying to drop weight quickly is that they feel tired and lethargic. It becomes easy to give up on the diet in exchange for feeling energized again through a higher-calorie daily meal plan. By ensuring that you’re receiving plenty of nutrients, it becomes easier to stick to your rapid weight loss plan. This is best achieved through eating an immense quantity of fruits and vegetables. A daily multi-vitamin may also help. Because you are reducing the calories in your diet, it becomes extra-important to make sure your body is still getting its needed nutrients.

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