Best Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

Most people are aware of the benefits of exercise for weight loss but may find themselves not sure where to begin engaging in a fitness routine. With so many options available, what is the best exercise equipment for weight loss? Here, we go over some of the exercise equipment for weight loss you need and others that you don’t.


The best exercises for fat burning all require the same tool: a barbell. A man (or woman) with a barbell is a dangerous thing for the purposes of burning fat and building lean muscle tissue. With a barbell, one can engage in the best exercises for weight loss and strength-training including:

  • squats
  • deadlifts
  • bench press
  • overhead shoulder press

A barbell enables one to strengthen the whole body with just a few exercises. The important thing to remember when strength-training with a barbell is to work to your individual capacity. A barbell weighs 45 pounds. If you can only bench press or squat 45 pounds as you first begin lifting weights, that’s okay. Don’t worry about what everyone else in the gym is doing. Challenge yourself and grow from whatever individual starting point you find yourself at. A professional trainer can help to get you started down the right path.

A Good Pair of Running/Walking Shoes

In order to unlock the benefits of running or walking for weight loss, you need a good pair of shoes. Don’t underestimate the importance in investing in a good pair of shoes. Find a shoe with a snug fit in order to avoid blisters and pains. A store that specializes in selling running shoes can help you with finding the shoe that is perfect for your feet and jogging mechanics.


Walking or running is not an option for everyone year-round due to unfriendly weather. Don’t let the changing of the seasons steal your momentum for staying active. If necessary, invest in a treadmill to help you continue your walking or jogging program during cold, winter months. Owning a treadmill can be great for burning fat and staying in shape while watching your favorite TV shows.


Popularized in Russia, a kettlebell is essentially a cannon ball with a handle on the end of it. With this one simple tool, you can do an endless number of workouts that will whip your body into shape in no time. The best thing about kettlebells is that while they are heavy, they are ultimately a very small piece of exercise equipment for weight loss. Kettlebells are perfect for those with space-constraints who simply don’t have room for a ton of fitness equipment but still want a great workout.

Check out all the different kettlebell exercises at

Other People

While other people do not technically count as exercise “equipment”, they are worth a mention. The benefits of exercising with a group have been the key ingredient needed by many to reach their fitness and weight loss goals. Teaming up with a workout buddy or joining a group fitness class can provide accountability and much-needed support to stay disciplined and on track. Additionally, having a workout partner makes certain exercises like weight-lifting more effective. It’s possible to accomplish more on certain exercises, like the bench press, when you have a partner able to assist you as a spotter as you test the limits of your achievement.

What You Don’t Need

Weight loss and exercise is a huge industry littered with plenty of products one simply does not need. When searching for the best exercise equipment for weight loss, it’s important to have an awareness of some of the equipment that is unnecessary in reaching your goals:

1. Latest infomercial fad. The exercise gadget or gizmoid you just saw on TV that can help you look like a model with chiseled abs in no time for just four easy payments of $19.99? Yea… you don’t need that. And the chiseled model you saw in the infomercial? They don’t use that product either. To get that great body, those models are using all of the equipment described above before showing up on a production set for an afternoon to get paid to record a commercial through which they lend credit to their body to the Roboabsplosion. Most of this stuff is ineffective garbage.

2. Every piece of equipment ever. Don’t over-complicate dieting and fitness. It’s really not as complicated as it might seem. People profit from convincing the public otherwise, but most of those machines you see in the gym are big, unnecessary wastes of space. A barbell with weight plates can do more for you than all of those trendy machines combined.

3. Pads, armbands, chalk, tape, the perfect pair of underwear, the perfect high-end gym shorts, a weight belt, gloves, ankle braces, headbands, a gym bag, etc. Don’t turn exercising into another excuse to be a mass consumer. You don’t need to spend a bunch of money on flashy things to exercise. Most people who do so are just trying to supplement for the reality that they’re not really doing anything when they’re in the gym. Put on a simple pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt already in your dresser drawer and go to work.

4. Supplements, pills, powders, shakes, and shots. Again, don’t over-complicate exercise. Lift heavy things and then eat protein for weight loss afterwards. That’s it. This is simple stuff. It was working for humans long before an industry of frivolous crap came along!

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