Scientific principle for continuous body changes months



For constant weight loss to occur we need to diet & exercise scientifically


Any physical changes to the body can only occur if the body believes a change is necessary in order to stand a better chance of surviving. This can be referred to as the principle of physical adaptation. If the principle is implemented into any training regime the results will be seen quickly, including quick fat loss!


How it works

Think about the following example. A top athlete continues to increase fitness levels far and above most other athletes because of the scientific training methods used. These methods help force the body to believe a change (increase in fitness) is continuously necessary in order to adapt to the stress on the muscles and circulatory system. The body senses that if it doesn’t adapt by making important changes to the body’s physiology and biochemistry, the working muscle cells will not obtain sufficient oxygen delivery during the exercise. If there is insufficient oxygen delivery, the muscles will fail. The athlete will experience this failure as not fit enough to win the race, but due to stress hormones circulating the blood, the body interprets this as something which could compromise its ability to survive, after all the senses cannot distinguish between a race and running from a dangerous situation!

Our brain understands it’s a race but because the body reads and responds to experiences using the most primitive senses such as pain and stress exercise is often interpreted as potentially dangerous to the organism.


How does the principle of adaptation apply to losing weight?

Remember in reality the human body attempts to adapt to changes for one reason, that is survival. This means whatever change the body makes it does so in order to survive. Most dieters start with the right intentions by exercising frequently and cutting down on eating but problems occur if these changes are taken too far.


When we cut out most food the body goes into what is often referred to as starvation mode, this is when energy is conserved. You’ve probably already heard that the body thinks it’s being starved so it attempts to hold onto its energy; in fact this answer is the simplified version. As complex as the body seems to us, it cannot make direct decisions like that, there must be a “biological” reason why energy usage slows down. In fact conserving more energy is a by-product of the many complex physiological processes that occur as the body adapts to the excessive changes made by the dieter, the change in this case is a reduction in food intake (energy to be precise) and the adaptation is a reduction in lean mass as it uses up protein stores to maintain the body’s protein turnover, the result is a which helps us maintain a stable weight, something the dieter doesn’t want. At this point the body has adapted to any lower calorie intake thus we no longer lose weight.




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