Body Fat Measurement Methods

A lower body fat percentage comes from healthy and steady weight loss of no more than 2 pounds per week. Slowly lowering body fat levels can result in permanent, manageable weight control that has the possibility to last for years.

Anyone can lose weight quickly but losing weight does not necessarily mean a lower body fat percentage, in fact people who lose weight too fast may actually increase their body fat percentage. When you lose weight rapidly, a large percentage of it is fluid loss, which can easily be regained. So it’s important to remember that losing weight in a healthy way takes time but can have lasting effects.

Athletes are known to have very little body fat. They usually follow a healthy diet full of protein and know that exercise is absolutely vital. In order to reduce body fat you should implement exercise into your daily routine.

An athlete’s body burns more body fat because it supplies more oxygen to the muscles than that of the body of a sedentary person.  Fat requires oxygen to burn, but since vital organs in your body also need oxygen fat is usually the last to be burned. So the more oxygen you provide your body, the more fat will be burned.

Body fat is easy to measure at home:

  1. measure your height without shoes
  2. measure the circumference of your stomach
  3. measure the circumference of your neck
  4. for women: measure the circumference of your hips
  5. Next follow one of the formulas below (the LOG refers to the LOG button on your calculator):

For women (in inches)

%Fat = 163.205*LOG(abdomen + hip – neck) – 97.684*LOG(height) – 78.387

For men (in inches)

%Fat = 86.010*LOG(abdomen – neck) – 70.041*LOG(height) + 36.76

You’ve just measured your body fat percentage.

If you’re a diet conscious person, it’s important to know that you do need fat on your body.

The average man has about 19-24% body fat and the average woman has 25-31%.
If you are a man and over 25% body fat or a woman and over 32%, consult with your doctor over the best weight loss plan for you.

With every diet it’s important to eat healthy and exercise, the benefits are numerous and will provide you with a lasting weight loss experience.

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